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Thursday, November 17, 2011

On my mind...a family wedding

I'm joining in with Rhonda's Down to Earth Friday feature, 'On my mind...
Last Saturday DH and I went to a wedding. It was a young couple and all the guests wished them a long and happy marriage and life together.
Two weeks ago my BIL, G, decided that the time was right to marry his partner of 31 years, fiancee for 9 of those years. G has suffered a number of health problems in the latter half of the year including 2 smallish strokes which have affected his right side. Recently he was diagnosed with early stage leukaemia and he has also suffered from emphysema for a few years as well. He continues to smoke heavily which upsets DH so much...However he has done a lot of thinking lately and has realised how much his partner means to him...he also knows that being married is important to her.
Any way back to the story...G has chosen a date and was adamant that the ceremony had to take place on that day, November 26. The problem with that date was that the '4 weeks and one day' notice of intention to marry was only 3 weeks. DH's cousin is a marriage celebrant and, with her help, the family pulled together and helped the couple get all the relevant paper work in order to apply for a dispensation.

B and G at my birthday lunch this year

Our cousin, the celebrant

 These papers and extra forms and letters (from the doctor) had to be submitted to the registrar general's office in the city. My 'job' was to be the driver...I drove DH, G and B (the bride to be) to the city, dropped them off at the loading zone in front of the building,and then drove to the first suburb where I could get a shady park. When they had finished, DH rang me and I drove back to get them. Then they broke the bad news to me...I had to drive back to the city again in an hour as they needed one more form. (I haven't made it clear how much I loathe the central business district...but I hate it!) The next time it was DH and the marriage celebrant who went in and in 6 minutes they had the permission required. Luckily, because it was into peak hour time now, I just did a circuit of the business district which took about 8 minutes.

George st, Brisbane

Until then we'd been sworn to secrecy but now we could spread the word. The short notice has meant that some of the family are unable to come but come Nov 26, at 2pm, in G and B's backyard, friends and family will share this occasion with the couple. DH and I are the witnesses and we are truly honoured.

My other 2 SIL and I are busy planning on providing some sweet treats as a special request of the bride. DH and his other brother are paying for the celebrant, who being family, has taken $200 off her fee. One SIL is providing some champagne and B's sons are working at making the backyard all spruced up. The bride has bought a lovely outfit and the couple have finalised the details of the ceremony with the celebrant.

I can't really say that we're welcoming a new member to the family...B has been part of this family for 31 years, she really has!

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