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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Newmarket Mums...

Today this group had our annual Christmas Lunch together. I've talked about this group in a number of posts this year...we all had children at school together and became friends as we worked on tuckshop rosters and the myriad of fund-raising ventures at the school as well as Sewing Bee Mondays. Our children are now in their early 30s down to the mid twenties and each of us have had our share of problems over the years and the group has supported members in these crises. We meet for coffee the last Sunday of the month and for our November meet, we bring food to a member's place. this year our hostess was Carmel.

There was certainly no shortage of food today and we've reached the stage in our lives where we savour our food and hang the kilojoules/calories! lol
We were all delighted by our Secret Santa gifts...I got a kit for growing cherry tomatoes and some ginger chocolates. How appropriate and 'how Maria' was that!

Presents from Secret Santa
Inside my gift bag!

The beautiful kookaburra I spied in the tree near the deck


Becky said...

I so enjoying reading the blogs from your country as you all share such beautiful wild life photos. Your gathering sounds wonderful as well and everyone looks so happy.

Humble wife said...

How fun that you still all gather!

oh and the kookaburra~neat!