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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The 1st and 3rd Monday nights of the month...

On these nights I head off after dinner, to a nearby suburb called Grovely (or it may be Keperra). I go to a Knit and Natter organised by Gabrielle, the owner of the shop, 'Yarn Over'. The number of ladies who go to the evening K&N varies...last night there were only 2 of us! Other nights we've had a roll up of 5-6. We each bring along a knitting or crocheting project that we are working on. The shop is beautiful! Gaby has made it so inviting with comfortable sofas and an amazing array of yarns and accessories. Many a night I've bought more yarns after having a good browse around the shelves. Gaby also very generously gives a 10% discount to K4BN members, and, as well, there are loyalty cards which at times, I fill up quite quickly.

So we sit and knit/crochet and chat and laugh and Gaby also makes us coffee or tea to go with the lovely baking she has done. Gaby also helps us find patterns online or in books, or items and accessories in the myriad of catalogues she has.

Last night it was only Pauline and I, along with Gabrielle of course!

Years ago I would go out in the evenings to P&C meetings in school libraries, uni lectures and tutes, fete committee meetings and Parish Council meetings, but I can honestly say that none of them were as enjoyable as the K&N s at 'Yarn Over'!

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