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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our brief stop at Mount Morgan...

On our way home from Rockhampton DH and I drove inland through a number of regional towns. It was a Sunday and we left Emu Park by 8am and the plan was to have breakfast in the old mining town of Mt Morgan. Arriving in Mt Morgan, we followed the signs to the tourist information centre, which is in the old most other regional towns, the railway no longer runs. DH had not been to this town before but I had visited it in the 1970s, when mining was still being carried and copper. On that trip I even did the tour of the smelter (?) and saw ingots being made. I can still remember how hot the buildings were on the tour...not surprising when they had a huge vat of molten metal, being tipped into moulds! Alas no more...

At the info centre, this Sunday (I'm emphasising the SUNDAY aspect) while DH went in to inquire of recommended places in town for breakfast, I chatted to the cat lying outside. I patted it and told it how beautiful it was. Before we left, I put my head around the door and told the ladies manning the centre, how beautiful the cat was. One lady said that the cat just walked in about 5 years ago and stayed...she then said in a worried voice, 'I hope you didn't touch her'! Oh dear had I done something wrong? I admitted that I had patted the cat and tickled behind her ears. The woman was amazed and said the cat normally scratches any one (strangers) who touches her. I was relieved...for a moment I thought the cat must have had some terrible disease!!! lol

Back to the fact it was Sunday...we had the choice of 2 places who were open for breakfast, so headed for the town centre. To make a long story short, DH and I each had a meat pie for breakfast...not quite what DH a little cafe or bustling bistro serving elegant brunches. It was a delicious pie but I'm not very good at eating a pie out of a paper bag...without getting messy :-(.

The bakery; we ate our pies at the little table outside

Some of the buildings in the town

After breakfast we were back on the road to Banana...yes that's the name of the town. From there we drove on to Theodore where we stopped at a quaint cafe which was also an antiques shop. The town was looking pretty good, which is amazing as the population were evacuated twice during the flooding crisis earlier this year. Most of the town went under. The next main town we passed through was Taroom. Our final destination that Sunday was Wandoan. But more about that in the next post.

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