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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birthday celebration...

Last week  DH's DD3 turned 25, but she has been working nights until yesterday, when we could have our family get together to celebrate. The girls had no idea that we had had the building work done so that was a big surprise for them! We used some of the furniture stored downstairs (folding chairs and trestle tables that we've used for parties for many years) and set up on the new veranda. No cramped conditions this time and it was a lovely balmy spring evening.

Cake cutting time
We had a cold buffet but DH also cooked some 'fancy' sausages. In years gone by I would refuse offers of help from guest offering to bring food, and do all the catering myself. Not any more! When the offers came I was ready with suggestions. So my SIL brought a big garden salad and a cousin brought the 'nibblies' for the beginning of the evening. DH's DD2 made the birthday cake and brought that along too. The chocolate cake was lovely and moist and DD2 waited until we had all eaten a slice and thoroughly enjoyed it...then told us it had beetroot in. I'd heard of using beetroot in cakes but had never sampled makes the cake so moist so I might just get the recipe from her!

Birthday girl with her dad and Jimmy

Cousin Pamela with Jimmy

Jane with Jimmy

Nikki was meant to be the guest of honour as it was her birthday but her position was usurped by little Jimmy Hans, my DD2's new puppy. Our dog passed away at the end of Easter 2010, so DH and I were entranced by this little man...but so was everyone else. He is only 9 weeks old and took all the cuddling (and a few kisses) in his stride. He is a jack russell , miniature pinscher cross and he's gorgeous!

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Maria said...

Lovely to spend birthdays with family and friends.
Oh Jimmy Dan is so cute. Nearly as cute as our new puppy Lacy.