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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Still on the census...

I’ve mentioned a few times in posts that DH is an Area Supervisor for the Census. He has trained and then supervised 8 collectors and one reserve and this afternoon he did another training session with them on the final phase of the process...Collection.  Tonight is CENSUS NIGHT Australia –wide but many people have already completed their forms online...DH and I have!
A number of months ago I stayed around home one Friday when all the boxes of Census materials were being delivered. These boxes took up a fair bit of room in the bedroom that DH is using as his office during this contract. Then after the first training session, the collectors came to our place to pick up their boxes, thus freeing up some room here.
There were 4 stacks of boxes just like this one!

DH ran today’s session from 4-6pm, so 11 (2 people from another area came to the session) people plus DH squeezed into our dining room for the training. The session also moved to the lounge room to watch the training DVD; DH commented that all 11 fitted on our modular suite!  My task for the session was to provide some refreshments. I guess I’m like a catering managerJ 

During the 2 hours of the training I set myself up in my ‘sewing room’ where I crocheted around some donated squares and finished off the session reading some ‘Gardening Australia’ magazines.

All that was left! Enough for DH and I to share over a glass of red after jobs well done! lol

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Claud said...

I would come to a session just for the yummy treats ;-)