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Saturday, August 20, 2011

A recipe...

Recently I came across a battered old recipe book that I thought I had somehow lost. It was a fundraising affort of our parish back in the early 80s with parishioners contributing favourite recipes. I used it so much when my girls were little and now that I'm looking for that 'simpler life', I'm tending to bake items to take as gifts to friends. Also the groups that I've joined always include cuppa and nibblies as well as the crafts and socialising and it's expected that one brings a plate of food to share occasionally. I must admit I'm not that enamoured with the 'bought' items that some people I bake from set a good example! lol

I'm gradually recalling old recipes that I used to use and then try to find them in my small collection of recipe books. I knew a lot were in this old parish book so I was thrilled to find it! As well as recipes there are the 'people' who are 'in' this book...sadly many have passed away; others have moved away and we've lost touch. Others have grown older with me as we were young mums together. Just reading through the little book brought back so many pleasant memories. I was so pleased to have one particular recipe 'back', 'Never-Fail-All-In-Together-Cake' contributed by Isis Wilson. So what do you do if you re-discover a favourite old recipe?...make it of course. So far I've made it for my Sisters of Stitch group and yesterday I made it for the Knit and Natter group. Both times it disappeared off the plate quick smart, but best of all, it was easy to make! Because I have quite a few passionfruit, I've been indulging in making one of my favourite of all times icing...passionfruit!

Dripping with passionfruit icing! One of the ladies at K&N scraped that excess icing up...and ate it!!
Here's Isis's recipe:-
!/2 cup sugar
!/2 cup milk
125g/ 4 oz softened butter or margarine
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups SR (self raising) flour
teas vanilla
Beat all together. Bake in  orange cake tin  1 hour in a moderate oven. I bake it in a ring tin at 160 degrees C in a fan forced oven for 35 minutes. Best to check the booklet that came with your oven.

Ice when cool. Mixture can also be used for small/patty/fairy/cup cakes.

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Claud said...

It looks delicious! My sweet tooth would have been overjoyed with excitement.