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Sunday, August 14, 2011

'Aint love grand' ....

DH and I went to an afternoon tea on Saturday afternoon to celebrate the engagement of DH's god-daughter. The happy couple flew down from Rockhampton where they both work, she as a GP and he in Aged care. DH 'grilled' the young man as to what he actually does in Aged he a nurse or an aide perhaps? We still don't know but as long as J, his god-daughter, is happy that's the main thing I keep telling DH. The young man in question is several years younger than J and for some reason that concerns DH. (He also did look very much younger than he actually is!) It couldn't have been easy for him having family and old friends of J's family 'checking him out'. I took a number of photos during the afternoon and he always had his hands in his pockets...could be body language showing nerves perhaps; not knowing what to do with his hands???

Any way the family of J put on the most magnificent spread with all homebaked goodies. Her sister and mother along with her aunt and cousins set all the food out in the back garden and made sure everyone had tea, coffee or punch to drink. I could see the effort that had gone into making the garden area look its very best for the occasion. There were pots of colour and herbs as well as the garden beds; all so lovingly tended.

When we got the invitation we wondered whether gifts were required because the invitation said come to meet C and re-acquaint ourselves with J...quite informal really. J had been engaged before and we sent some special champagne glasses along with a card. We didn't hear from her as to whether she got the parcel. We sent messages of enquiry...still no response. Then suddenly after about 12 months, we heard the engagement was off...then we got an email explaining that she was no longer engaged and could we supply an address to send back our gift...we told her to keep the glasses and enjoy them. The gift we gave this time was more modest and I searched for a card that was 'low-key' in its congratulations and 'predictions for the future'.

I've decided to sign up got the Friday Night Sew In  (FNSI) on Heidi's blog here . So instead of knitting as usual at night, I'd better organise a sewing project. It could be stitching some long hexagons as Kath at Sisters Of Stitch last week,gave me a page of papers ready to copy and cut out. Then again it could be that I finish the Christmas stitching project I started at Christmas in July. Decsions, decisions, decisions! :-)

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Maria said...

Congratulations to the young couple. Poor guy does look nervous.

You can knit on Friday if you wish . Doesn't matter what you do. that's the beauty of it.