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Friday, August 5, 2011

On my mind...gravity and getting older...

On my mind today is gravity, surgery and questions. For a number of years gravity ‘acting upon’ my nether regions has caused some discomfort. While I was working I preferred to battle on rather than face surgery. So finally I went back to the specialist last Wednesday (after 3 years) and we discussed the surgery option as well as the ‘do nothing’ option. DH and I had discussed the issue before I went and we tended towards the surgery option if the specialist offered it, as things weren’t getting any better.
These days most specialists try to avoid operations if possible; well in my experience this has been the case. It wasn’t just my imagination but apparently ‘things’ had worsened. Dr C recommended surgery as I require what is euphemistically referred to as a ‘Repair’ as well as what I call, ‘the Big H Operation’.  Dr C then discussed with me the procedures, the things that can go wrong, the recuperation phase of 6 weeks and... ah hem...some delicate matters...I know that these days they have to tell you about the possible bad parts...but it’s still scary!
I’ve been sent away to think about it and then I need to make an appointment in which to ask the doctor any questions I (and DH of course) may have and also at that appointment the bookings will be made. Dr C prefers to operate at a large private hospital on the south side of town as that's where her main practice is and as she likes to see her patients every day, that hospital is more convenient for her.

The very elaborate entry to the Mater Private Hospital
So far the only question I have is about exercise during the 6 weeks. I remember friends who had the Big H op had to go for a walk each day...well more like a shuffle for the first few days...somehow I think the exercise bike may be out for a while...and the watering of the vegie garden with a watering can filled from the tank.

Like most of my garden, these plants are  suffering from lack of rain and I water them with the watering can at least once a week...good exercise lugging the water to the plants!
I should be able to knit, as long as I don't lift down heavy boxes of stored yarn but  gardening may be out of the question for a while. Cleaning the bathroom may have to be handed over to DH for a while also. But I do like the sound of that extra time for knitting though...and I've only watched 1 1/2 DVDs of all the series of Wycliffe. And someone told me that nowadays you can upload talking books from the library...that could be handy also...although I have a pile of books waiting for me to read them... Then there are some embroidery kits I have bought at various times that need to be completed. I think I can do this! lol

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