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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A lovely send off...

Earlier in the month I was privileged to attend a Farewell Afternoon Tea at my former workplace. The food was delicious and the company was wonderful. There were lots of surprises for me when former workmates, who had moved on, returned especially for the celebrations for my retirement. Allan, gave the most beautiful speech as he talked about my years at the school.

Elke on the left was the organiser and Allan was the speechmaker!
Firstly I was handed a beautiful bunch of flowers; the bunch consisted of Australian 'native' flowers which are just so striking in their beauty. Then I was given a retirement gift...all eyes were on me as I reached in the gift bag and drew out a small box. I opened the box and lifted out the piece of packing. Nestled in the box was the most beautiful Swarovski crystal flower my favourite colour, purple! In 2008, DH and I visited the Swarovski store in Lucerne. It was 3 floors of the most beautiful items but we didn't buy anything...just admired.

The photos don't do justice to the actual beauty of the flower

So now I have a beautiful memento of my time at Stafford Heights given to me by this lovely group of friends. Also in the bag was an IOU for a Swarovski pen as a purple one wasn't available at the time so one was ordered. So I was really spoiled! Eventually it was time to go home and as we headed through the door I had another surprise...a former colleague who had been held up because of a long staff meeting at her school, arrived. So naturally many of us  lingered around the library entrance to catch up with this latecomer...I'm so glad she decided to come.

The ladies in the running shoes are the wonderful cleaners and the other lady is Janis who was the marvellous teacher aide who worked with me and also my class of course

Chatting with Tracey, holding the beautiful bunch of flowers


Anonymous said...

My Gosh Maria. I remember when we haunted the streets of Coolangatta sooooo many years ago and the poor hospital staff at the RBH. Cant beleive you have retired. I will have to wait a bit longer to get there. Am planning a few trips between now and then. Hope you enjoy all the good things in retirement. Congratulations my dear friend. Love Lorraine.

Susan said...

What a fabulous send off! A very thoughtful and pretty gift too (the pen will be lovely, especially in your favourite colour). You'll obviously have very many happy memories of time spent with your friends and colleagues.
Enjoy your retirement - it's a great time of life! I find the freedom from routine quite wonderful.
It was a lovely surprise to see you'd joined my blog. Thank you, I look forward to exchanging comments with you Maria :D)