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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dave Earl and the Blues...

While DH and I were in San Francisco in March this year, we spent a lot of time down at the Embarcadero which is the eastern waterfront and roadway area of the city. It's a lovely area with beautiful gardens, piers with interesting shops etc and of course those seals at Pier 39.

A bit of topiary here

One of the lovely garden areas in front of the piers

There were lots of buskers and one guy in particular impressed me with his music. We saw him a couple of times and I decided that I wanted to take some of his music home so I bought 2 of his CDs. His name was Dave Earl and here is his webpage with a sample of his blues music.
I uploaded this CD to my iPod when I got home and found the music on it to be a perfect   accompaniment for when I ride my exercise bike. On the days that I play Dave Earl, the half hour just goes in a flash. The Shadows album is also pretty good, as is the Blues brothers and Suzi Quatro...but Dave is the best! :-)

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