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Thursday, August 25, 2011

I've been a bad girl...

Earlier this month, I joined a challenge on the Simple Savings forum page where I agreed to not spend any money in the month of August on fabrics and yarns. A few days before that, I had bought a pack of 'Amelia' charm squares from a lady called Perri who has a website and blog, here, but has an even better Ebay store here. It was from Ebay that I bought my charm squares. So any way, because this pack was purchased before I signed up for the challenge, it didn't count, right?

A week later I 'fell off the wagon', but only a little bit. Went out for coffee with my SIL, June, at a cafe in Toombul Shoppingtown. June mentioned that Lincraft was in the I thought I'd just take a look seeing I was in that part of town. I bought some balls of yarn; they were on special; and they would be useful for crocheting around all those K4BN squares that I'm slowing turning into blankets/throws. Er...I also bought 2 remnants out of the remnant basket...thought the polar fleece piece would be good for 'raggy quilt' squares and the other piece was just so pretty.

I won't discuss a quick trip to the Spotlight sale last week.. Spotlight is less than 500metres from my place...They had a big sellout of yarns; this sellout won't last until September!

Then last weekend, I wondered how much it would cost to buy an 'Amelia' jelly roll. Online shops here in Australia that I found  had prices that ranged from $43 to $49, plus postage. US prices were better but postage of just under USD$14 meant it wasn't worth it. I found an Aussie site  here but the price of $30 seemed ridiculously low compared to the other sites. DH has an old saying, 'If it seems to good to be probably is'. The next day I emailed the site asking if the prices quoted had been a mistake. An email came back saying that was the price but that there were some rolls on sale for $25. I visited the lady's (Jane) blog  here and reading through it realised she was from Brisbane. Just in case she didn't have many of the Amelia jelly rolls left, I thought that maybe I wouldn't wait until September to buy I ordered it on Tuesday night. Got it today. And it is beautiful. I'm sure I'll find a great quilt pattern I can make with my jellyroll and charm squares.

My lovely Moda fabrics

Now about the SS challenge... I can see I have a few options. Firstly I can work on my self control and do better at keeping my word. Another option of course is not not sign up for any challenges in the future! Hmmm...speaking of challenges, have I told you about the one on the Patchwork Pumpkin site. It's a friendship medallion quilt and the pattern is free. When you sign up you are sent the first part's pattern and the rules. The rules are :-

1. You cannot buy any fabric, the aim is to use your stash!
2. You can swap fabric with friends

3. Email a photo of your finished centre to get the instructions for the next step.
Well we'll just have to see how I go with this challenge. I plan to give it my best shot! And that's despite the first part requiring lots of 1.5 inch squares...

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