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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Last Wednesday, DH and I caught the train to Rockingham. We weren't planning a sightseeing day; the trip was to meet a cousin of mine for the first time. I 'found' Terese a few years ago via 
Yes, I had been thrilled to find that someone else had my great grandparents on their family tree and we both exchanged old family photos that we each had. 
So you can imagine that I was quite excited at the prospect of meeting my cousin in person. Terese met our train and took us to Dome for a hot it was a cold, windy day! 
And just after we had ordered, Terese's husband arrived. He had come from Mandurah where he'd had some business to attend to...
We probably bored the menfolk but Terese and I talked about our family tree. Terese had grown up in Victoria so had met some of our parents' generation that I had never met. I told her about the 'dead end' I'd encountered finding info about our great grandfather's second wife. Terese wanted to know more about my mum's family...and so the conversation went on. 

Eventually it was decided that we would go for a drive around the's a lovely town. It has lots of lovely old buildings but there has been a lot of new homes built in recent years.
We spent some time at the fairly new war memorial...

It was very windy and cold down on the waterfront...brrr 😉
Phillip also took us out to where he used to work...the large naval base. We drove alongside the base and could see the bridge and causeway. Apparently, sometimes the sea is so rough that waves wash over the causeway and it is closed to traffic to and from the base. In his time working at the base, Phillip sometimes couldn't get home until the road reopened. 
Soon it was time for lunch...Terese took us to one of her favourite restaurants down near the waterfront. 
Three of us each had that gigantic burger...and we ate every bit on our plates! Lol. 
Lingering over our lunch until after 3...yes 3!, it became obvious that the Ostro staff were closing until they reopened for dinner. Time to get back to the station.
After lots of hugging at the station, DH and I boarded the train and headed back to Perth. 
Remember that family tree 'dead end' I mentioned? Well later in the day I got an email from Terese; with this photo attached...
Details of my step great grandmother Bridget...what a find!! 


diane b said...

A very productive day all round. I'm just getting into family history. It takes a long time to search for stuff. I hope to get the hang of it soon.

Jackie said...

Looks as if you are going to be filling in some of the missing spots on your family tree. Good work.

God bless

Aussie Maria said...

Wow!!! How wonderful for you. Dead-ends can be so frustrating.
I have one and I'd really like to solve it before I join them :-)
Your encouraging me to try the DNA test

Cynthia said...

That's really neat! Your two grandmothers look a lot alike.