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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Friday Night with Friends...

It's Sunday morning and I'm finally writing a post about FNwF! 
I joined in with everyone who had signed up but didn't 'last long'. By 8.30 I was very weary and headed for bed! I know that sounds extremely early, but that was 8.30 Western Australian time or 10.30 Eastern Standard time. That day DH and I had flown over here to Perth for 13 days of sightseeing as WA is a state neither of us has visited. And it's the time of the year that WA is famous for its wildflower displays. 
We are staying in an apartment hotel right in the city, with good lighting and some comfy chairs...just perfect for a bit of knitting! 

I brought along that 'started' project that I recently found amongst my yarn stash. A few of those long rows soon had me feeling weary though! Lol. But I still had joined in 😉


Vireya said...

Wonderful! I hope you see lots of wildflowers. I've only been to WA on a couple of business trips, and didn't see much beyond Perth. Would love to visit for wildflower season some time!

Bev C said...

Hello Maria,

Welcome to Western Australia, enjoy your time here.

Happy days.

Karen's Korner said...

Enjoy your holiday and I hope that you share some of the photos of the wildflowers.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Have fun ....lovely project 💖💖

Jackie said...

Have a lovely visit.

God bless.

Kim said...

Oh how lovely, a holiday in Perth. Wish I was there to see all the glorious wildflowers. Your knitting is looking pretty. Enjoy your holiday, Maria; have the best time.

Susan said...

Id love a long visit to Perth - been there for work - the usual fly in go to the city stay in the hotel and fly out again sort of thing. Great you could still join in - even a few rows of that throw is a good effort.

angela said...

Although we have been to WA. We didn't go to Perth. We traveled down the coast from north and then headed inland just before hitting Perth
It's on th bucket list.
Nothing wrong with getting into bed early. I only wish I could sleep all night
Now that is definitely something to add to that bucket list, a great nights sleep!