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Friday, September 16, 2016


Yesterday morning  DH and I repacked our suitcases and with much rearranging of the contents, fitted in our holiday purchases. For once, I did NOT buy any yarn or fabric...nope not a bit! But there will be more about that in a future post. 🙄. 
Then it was time to leave our latest accomodation, a lovely B&B in Como a suburb of Perth, and head for the airport. 

Perth airport has 4 Terminals, spread over 2 separate areas of land...and despite being warned about this by my brother, we first went to the wrong airport. But we had given ourselves lots of time, so got to the correct place in plenty of time. 
So today was all about unpacking and also a few loads of washing. But the nicest task was sorting out those purchases.
Several packs of Western Australian chocolates for family...
A calendar from the wildflower farm for my neighbour...
Books for Anthea...

Some clothes for Anthea...

Some lovely soaps and a mustard from Vasse Virgin...( which is famous for all their products made with their high quality olive oil) 
Some stuffed toys that I will 'mind' for a while until Anthea is older! 😉😉😉

WA is famous for its vineyards; there are just so many. We visited a couple, including Woodynook, where we had an order for some port, from my brother. We ended up with 6 bottles of wine, including the 2 for Harry, and we sent them home by Toll Couriers from Albany. The box arrived today...all intact so my brother will be pleased. 
And I bought some potpourri from the wildflower farm. 
It smells delightful! So all in all, a very modest amount to carry home, but that's how I wanted it. 
And DH only bought 2 souvenir Teeshirts and one polo...very restrained! Lol.
And just like other members of K4BN, I also 'gather' items when I travel. DH and I carried our own soap so we could gather up the motel soaps. And of course any of the little bottles of shampoo and conditioner provided by motels, that we didn't use, we 'gathered'. 

And why are we such 'bowerbirds'? These items will end up being included in the hygienie pack  that K4BN  hands out to needy recipients. So these will come in handy helping people. 
I still have some 'travelogue posts' to do but the next post will be a FNSI. 


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Welcome home ... Lots of goodies 💖💖

Maria said...

Always nice to be home again ..pleased you had a lovely time in the West and you were very restrained with your purchases indeed.

Nanna Chel said...

Welcome home, Maria. It would be nice to get into your own bed once again I would imagine.

Cynthia said...

What lovely gifts you brought back. I know you had fun choosing those baby things! The touch and feel books are wonderful, great way to get really little ones started on the joys of books.

angela said...

Welcome home.
Glad your back safe and sound
Isn't it nice to be able to go shopping and get lots of nice things for family and friends
But yes. Trying to fit it all back into the suitcase can be a night mare.
Next time I travel I'm packing light! And I really mean to do it lol

Nanette said...

I was scrolling along to find the beginning of this post, and on the last paragraph saw what I thought said "why are we such lovebirds" Had to have a second look to see why, then to find out you're bowerbirds!
You covered a lot of ground in WA, looks like you had a really good time.

Dorothy said...

Always nice to sleep in your own bed isn't it Maria? I've been quietly following along on your WA holiday and it sure is a lovely place. Never been there and probably won't ever as I don't like air travel and its a long way from the ACT. Good on you for collecting the toiletries for K4BN - I do the same for our CWA. xox