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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Bunbury is a beautiful city, south of Perth. It features lovely beaches and lots of magnificent old buildings. It was an overnight stop for us on our journey to Margaret River. So we didn't really get to explore that much, but what we did see, we loved.
The building in the first photo is St Patrick's Cathedral...and what a great steeple there.
Some views from a hilltop lookout...
We have some family weddings next year and I remembered that my SiL had told me of a great shop in Perth that sold the most wonderful garments that were ideal for weddings. It's DsD1's wedding that is the 'big one' where a special outfit is needed. And that's the outfit I'd hoped to find.
Instead of finding the store in Perth, I decided I would check out the one in Bunbury. 
The dress shop is Wardrobe and the clothes were as beautiful as my sister in law had said. Alas, I couldn't find anything. DsD1 has decided that she would like the 2 mothers and the stepmother to wear either lemon or mauve/lilac. The fathers will wear similar coloured ties. I look quite wan in lemon, so mauve it must be for me! The shop had nothing in mauve, so the search will continue. I have until July next year.
After checking out the main street and Wardrobe, we headed back to the cliff tops overlooking the ocean, just as the sun was going down. 
Great's a novelty for us to see a setting sun over the sea; we get sunrises over the sea instead. 
We rarely eat at motel restaurants when we travel, but after a long day's drive we both agreed that just walking a few metres from our room to a meal, was very tempting. And our meal was beautifully cooked and was delicious. ( those were rather large steaks) 

There was even a footy game on the TV...DH kept an eye on how the game was going! 

DH went for a walk before breakfast the next day and saw a very interesting front yard...but didn't have his camera or his phone with him to take a photo.
So when we set off to drive to our next destination, we detoured to this house for a photo...
What a talking point! Loved it 😆

7 comments: said...

Hi Maria,
We are 400 k north of Perth in Kalberri.
I am going to try an update my blog tomorrow.
We have been out of internet range for a while.
See you are traveling as well.
Where will you be going next?
We are going to Adelaide as I booked a class at Beating Around the Bush thru Inspirations mag.
We do live in Nelson Bay NSW.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Kathleen Mary

Cynthia said...

It looks to be a pretty town, with a big hill and wonderful views of the setting sun on the sea. Too bad you didn't find the right color for your dress, but I'm sure you soon will. That is a big steak!

Dorothy said...

Ha Ha Ha .. I wonder if the family that lived in the house had the surname Simpson ?

Jackie said...

Love the Simpson's new home.

God bless.

Bev C said...

Hello Maria,

That is the Bunbury Catholic Cathedral.You can find a little more history about the new building here

My goodness those Simpsons are so funny. Hope you find a Mauve dress and shoes to go with it.

Happy days.

Vireya said...

You need a dress like that sunset!

Claud said...

I love reading about your trips. And the name of that shoe store is so unique 'Shoe Be Doo' - love it!