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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Last weekend continued...

I mentioned that some of us went for a tour of the property on the Saturday afternoon. I don't know how many hectares the family owns but we saw a completely different part of the farm than we have on previous trips. 
DH and I were in the group who went with Dan...

There are lots of gates to open and close of this kind of property; mostly DH jumped out of the vehicle and opened them...but some were a bit tricky so Dan opened them.

Kilto is a property which raises cattle to be sold on to graziers who fatten cattle for at times there are lots of calves on the property and we saw quite a few. Some of the calves were only a few days old.
The farm is so green at the moment...the result of unexpected winter rains.
Dan said he would have to stop and check the 'turkey nests'. My ears pricked up at the mention of turkeys...could my 'gardening Nemesis' the scrub turkey be a pest here too?? But no...
Out here the term 'turkey nest' refers to the earth dams used for storing water. The water is then gravity fed to open concrete tanks from which the stock drink.
So first there was a climb up the mounded earth, and then we could see the water. 
It was great getting the chance to see so much more of the property on this visit. 
Then it was back to the house to get ready for the party as guests would be arriving at 6pm.
A roast beef dinner with all the trimmings had been cooked in camp ovens and it was served from the tray of a ute. ( a utility truck with a flat bed) 
Here are some photos of the food being enjoyed. 
DsD1 was positively glowing in her lovely frock...the lady beside her in the top photo is her mum, who had worked hard to make the party a success. The middle photo is with her sisters and niece. 
Anthea was wearing an outfit that I had bought her...I called it her 'boho' look outfit...

Later in the evening the couple cut the cake which was made by DsD2. 
And look at the gifts table!
There were a LOT of envelopes in that blue box on the left as well as those intriguing big parcels. I bet DsD1 and Dan had lots of fun opening parcels and envelopes next day. I'll have to get them to tell us all about it when they're staying with us in Brisbane next month! 😉


Jackie said...

It looks like a grand time was had by all.

Love the boho outfit.

God bless.

Cynthia said...

It is interesting to see how an engagement is celebrated in Australia. Here, gifts aren't involved and in my circles anyway, it isn't celebrated with a big party.
The Bohemian look is just perfect for your cute little granddaughter!

diane b said...

Wow that sounds a big property. Good luck to the happy couple.