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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


On the way to Margaret River, we had a short stop in Cowaramup. What a sense of fun this town has? There are 42 life sized cow statues spread throughout the town. 

Everywhere you turn in the Main Street, you see cows!
The statues were erected in 2012 as a tourist attraction.
And a bit more 2014, the town won a spot in the Guiness Book of records for having the most people dressed as cows gathered together. Delightfully quirky people I think! 
We had a little wander around the shops...lots of lovely handcrafted items to look at. DH suggested I look in the newsagent for the latest Handmade magazine. I had been checking shops in Perth, looking for this issue as I had rather liked a pattern that Anorina Morris had had published. I really didn't expect to find the mag in such a tiny town...but I was wrong!!!
That's Anorina's cushion on the front cover!
We were actually driving out of town when a statue high up on a pole caught my eye...?
We turned up a side street and found ourselves in a large park. And there in the middle...
It's a golden cow! Lol
Checking it out on the 'net' I found out that it had been an entry in a cow sculpture competition. According to the website, the statue is often nicknamed 'Rump on a Stump' 😳. 
The park is known as Pioneer Park and is delightful.
There are other sculptures too of course...a tribute to the pioneers...
And beautiful parrots didn't even look up from their feeding as we walked through!
Lovely, lovely creatures. 
I'd never heard of Cowaramup before that day, but I'm so glad we stopped and had a look around. 


Jackie said...

What an interesting place to visit!!

God bless.

Cache-Mire said...

What fun! Love finding little travel treasures!!

angela said...

Love finding little towns like that.
It's like finding hidden treasures
The cows are all great.
Maybe one day I will visit too. I love cows

Nanette said...

There's a tiny village just south of've probably driven through it Maria.....Mooball. Similar to Cowaramup, there's rocks and posts painted to resemble black and white cows, and some cut from corrugated tin and painted as well, sitting in fields. Not as up market as your sculptures, which are gorgeous, but fun to spot as you drive through. Love the " rump on a stump" :)

Bev C said...

Hello Maria,

Oh you certainly had a fun time. Cowaramup had some lovely little shops. It is always a great little spot to stop and have a look around.

Happy days.

Summer said...

Funny to see so many cows on a street ♥

Soma @ said...

What an interesting place, I have never seen anything like that before. The parrots are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing!


baili said...

i like cows they are innocent creatures ,loved your beautiful photos and found a statue very interesting ,wooden chariot most

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

What a great place to come upon. I love to see places with unique character :)