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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Viewing Dunedin from on high :-), but first a little bit about our next adventure..

This post and the one before it have been 'scheduled' as I wrote both on Tuesday evening. Because early on Wednesday morning DH and I will have flown to Sydney...
'But you've only just got home from a holiday!' you say...and yes that is true. But being self indulgent retirees we organised this other trip so we could get some 'culture'! lol  
Last year, while holidaying in Victoria about this time, my relatives there said they would take us to see the Archibald Prize finalists' exhibition...but they had got their dates wrong and that exhibition was actually opening after we had gone home...bit of a disappointment. So DH organised a trip so we could see this year's finalists while they were being shown in Sydney (Art Gallery of NSW) which we'll see either Thursday or Friday . 
But on Wednesday we are going to see a show, The Addams Family. Originally we were flying down on Tuesday morning but we rebooked so we could attend a funeral of an elderly friend on Tuesday. We don't have much time between landing in Sydney  and when the matinee performance starts so we've just got carry - on luggage. On Thursday evening we will be attending the opening of a Photographic Exhibition in Surrey Hills,which will showcase work of my nephew's wife. (We just want to show support for these young members of the family...the photos are ...ahem... a bit risque. 

Then on Friday, our last night there, we're dining with my nephew and his wife quite early (5pm) and then making our way to the Circular Quay area to look at the illuminations for the Vivid Festival which starts that night. 

Now, some more of Dunedin...on the afternoon that we arrived, after we had explored a little of the centre of the city, we drove up to a lookout. 

At the lookout, there is a memorial to the early settlers...these 2 young men had climbed up on top of the memorial...I think they did that to impress the young ladies ... :-/

The plaque explains the strong links to Scotland...

There are some wonderful old buildings in Dunedin and unfortunately I didn't get many photos of them. On the next day we took a little tour of the city and then went on the most wonderful rail excursion...but I'll tell you all about that next time I write my travelogue :-)

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