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Monday, May 6, 2013


 We passed through some lovely country on our way to Arrowtown, which is an old gold mining town. What a pretty town and very busy with tourists today. There are lots of lovely historical old buildings which nestle side by side with more modern buildings...

We spent a few hours there walking around. Today we were all rugged up and even I had thermal underwear on today J as it was very cold...well compared to Brisbane it was very cold! When we parked the car in a large parking area what should we see just over from the carpark...a sign for a quilt shop J...yep! I bought some more fat quarters.

The mountain side just near the carpark was just ablaze with autumn leaves

By now we were thinking of gifts to take home to various people so looking for them took up a lot of time. Both families still have more such gifts to find before Tuesday of next week. 

A lovely old water wheel...

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See, I'm even wearing my gloves! lol

As DH and I strolled along I saw a yarn shop...heh heh, so that’s what I planned to visit after we had all had lunch. It also was a lovely's only been opened for 7 weeks, so very new.

And yes I bought some more yarn...some mohair/wool boucle and some lovely variegated 8 ply. 

 A little while later we were back on the road and heading for Queenstown...again we travelled through beautiful countryside...more about that next time :-)


Paul Forster said...

I'm enjoying your travels in the South Island as I have many memories of places you're going to. For several years I competed in a half marathon from Arrowtown to Queenstown. Looks like you will be busy with knitting when you get home!

Vireya said...

What a beautiful town!