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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Invercargill and The Bluff....

Invercargill seemed so large after the towns of TeAnau, Queenstown and Wanaka. This city is on the south coast of this island. We wandered around some of the streets checking out the shops and admiring the old buildings. 

There are lots of lovely old buildings, unlike my home city which demolished so many of  those elegant old buildings

And here is the turn off to our lunch destination...Bluff
 We drove near this magnificent old church...

Our drive takes us through some pretty countryside... look at that seaview!

Houses whose occupants would have magnificent views.... we're getting close to the top of Bluff

There's a lighthouse perched here
 Then the road swings around and we're at the Bluff Lookout area...

The last time DH and I came here, we went to the cafe just out of view...this time we went to the one in that white building....good choice!

Watch those rocks!

Here is my family in the cafe...we had wonderful views!
 Now we revisited Bluff at the request of my BIL because he's head about the famous Bluff oysters; he ordered a dozen...

Now he looks a bit perplexed here but it's because the oysters were 'doubles' and quite the largest oysters he had ever seen...he LOVED them!

DH ordered venison hotpot...

And my SIL and I had the fish and chips! The meal was beautiful!
We had the very best day at Invercargill and Bluff. 

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Anonymous said...

Another lovely day out for you Maria.
Great pics (as always!)