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Monday, May 6, 2013

A busy day in Queenstown...

There are lots of extreme sports'-like activities to do in Queenstown but I came here with the plan that I would do the 2 activities that I didn't do in 2004 because DH would be unable to do them with me unless he put himself through a lot of stress. So today I went on the jetboat ride on the Shotover River and had my ride on the gondola.
 I loved the jetboat ride! It was so much fun. Our driver was would think we were going to hit the gorge walls but of course we didn't, and those 360 degree turns really got the blood pumping. I didn't feel the need to scream though unlike the group of women up the back of the boat! lol

the lookout at the Shotover River

The Shotover River lookout

We met Nikki at the Shotover River and I decided to have the ride with her; over my big coat, I had the mac and vest provided by the jetboat company....

Nik and I are in the second row from the front...Nik has the cream coloured beanie and I'm next to her
 I will post about the gondola ride in another post but below is the photo that the Skyline staff took....
I enjoyed the gondola trip and the view was magnificent...but my favourite activity today was the jetboat ride...hah hah! I'm definitely my dad's daughter...he rode a motorbike in his younger years and was a bit of a daredevil!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Maria. What an exciting trip you are having. You are a bit of an adventurer - don't forget we want you back in Brisbane !