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Monday, May 6, 2013

Moving on...

Today we left Wanaka. But my goodness what a wonderful stay we had had...lots of family time and activities together...both with our family and our son in law's family. We rented a house for 4 nights in a resort complex and the third bedroom was used firstly by DsD1 and her partner and then last night with DsD3 staying there. Yesterday, we also had another guest, who stayed for a while and then left, only to come back at 10pm looking for a bed...

When we got back from our sightseeing yesterday afternoon we found this visitor on our lounge...DsD3 had let him in and he made himself at home.
 Then he came back after dinner and scratched on the glass door and I let him in...he wasn't keen on me doing my knitting though...
He sat on everyone's lap so no one felt left out... but we decided to put him outside before we went to bed. When we paid our account this morning, we found out from the manager that the cat's name is Bruce (snigger snigger... because that's DH's name too) and he belongs to the owner of the I guess little Bruce reckons he owns the place too! 
So this morning we headed off...
We had DsD3 with us as she needed a lift to Queenstown. But we had one more place in Wanaka to visit. Out on Ballantyne Rd is a shop called Christopher Robyn Quilts and I had heard that it was worth a visit.

Robyn’s shop is set amongst the trees and paddocks and we pulled up right at the front door.

Look at how rugged up I am! So many layers...I needed that big coat today as the temperature outside was between 6 - 11. 

We got a lovely welcome and my SIL and I browsed around the shop oohing and aahing. Mary was disappointed that the ‘samples’ were not for sale as so many items had been at Hoki Quilts. Robyn the owner, was finishing off preparations for a Craft Show in Christchurch May 9-11...she had been cutting fabrics for kits which she will sell there. I won't be anywhere near Christchurch on those dates, bit sad really! lol

While the customers are happy to browse, Robyn cuts fabric...when help was needed though by one customer she was at her side in a flash!

I found it hard to choose only a few of the precut fabrics (40cm and 30cm pieces) but eventually settled on a few ‘must haves’.

This lovely shop was in such a pretty setting too...
The view from the front door of the shop

Lovely autumn colours on the other side of the shop

Then we headed off towards Arrowtown. We saw a sign for the Roaring Meg Power station reserve and because my DsD1’s name is Meg...we just had to stop! Plus we had had some Roaring Meg wine at dinner last Thursday night! Lol  It’s a beautiful spot as the photos show.

Then it was time to head off once again. We passed through some lovely country on our way to Arrowtown, which is an old gold mining town. More about our Arrowtown stop in my next post.

PS: A big thank you to all of you who left lovely comments about the wedding. We were certainly lucky with the weather and our girl looked radiant!

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beautiful pics Maria.xx