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Sunday, January 20, 2013

One way of keeping cool...:-)

Relatives and friends often ask me what gift they can buy DH for birthday/Christmas and I always respond that it's best to buy 'experiences' or gift cards etc, as, like me, he already has 'lots of stuff'. Consequently, these wonderful people have given DH movie gift cards. The other day DH mentioned that in the last month, we have been to the movies four times, which is quite a record for us. But it's a wonderful place to go when the weather is hot and humid!

So the 4 movies we've been to see are, 'Skyfall', 'Quartet', 'Les Miserables' and 'Hitchcock'. For 'Les Mis' I used a gift voucher for 'The Blue Room Cinebar' that I had been given by my brother. The Blue Room features very, very small cinemas, comfy, large seats and drinks and meals' service during the film. (like a smaller version of Gold Class) My gift voucher also included a drink and dinner for two. 

Loved loved loved, 'Skyfall', 'Quartet' and 'Hitchcock'; loved the music and Hugh Jackman in 'Les Mis' but always get depressed by the degradation and death also in it. Although Helen Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen were delightful (ly mean but funny) in the movie.

Then yesterday DH and I headed off to QPAC for a matinee performance of 'South Pacific'. It was a magnificent show and our group of friends and relatives with us, all enjoyed it immensely. DsD1 drove us into  South Brisbane and we got there a little early (45 minutes too early! lol) so I took some photos of the area. 

We got dropped off near the museum and have walked up to the intersection where the road to and from the Victoria bridge is 
The Museum and Sciencentre

This is the elevated walkway which links the museum to QPAC; around the middle of this walkway is the lift well :-)

I'm up on the walkway here and looking towards the Convention centre on the left. South Brisbane, and West End in the near distance. Stefan's 'SkyNeedle' can be seen in the middle of the photo. This was an icon at World expo 88 and another icon, Stefan bought it and erected it at his head office. (he has a chain of hairdressing salons)

Some old buildings that were not razed to the ground...and little Fish Lane.

Looking the other way now from the walkway...Victoria Bridge and beyond it, the CBD. Some old buildings, such as the Treasury Casino are visible in front of the taller buildings...

Looking towards Queensland Performing Arts Complex (QPAC). Interesting the architect won awards for his design but to me it always looks like the concrete bunkers (armed with gun emplacements) built during WW2 to repel the enemy...

Lovely old Moreton Bay fig trees

 DH and I had left our car at Alderley Station so we had to catch a train back there to get it.  South Brisbane Station is just over the road from QPAC so that's pretty convenient.

Looking back to Southbank Station with bus tunnel to the right of the railway lines...

Here's DH graciously smiling for the camera :-)
But that wasn't the end of the day for us... at Alderley we collected the car and headed over to Wilston to join our friends for dinner out....

DH says there is still some credit on his movie gift card...he wants to see 'Lincoln.'..I do too but I also want to see 'Pitch Perfect'... will the person who 'owns' the movie card win???? lol


Nanette said...

I always enjoy your guided tours of Brissy, lots of nostalgia for me. And I used to have my hair cut by Stefan, yes, himself, in a very geometric style!

Susan, a Sometimes Blogger said...

It was beaut to have a look around the City Maria - thank you.
Love your comments about the films you saw too. We rarely think to go to them, but they're a good idea - air conditioning thrown in ;D)