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Thursday, January 31, 2013

What I'm reading....

Often people remark to me when they hear that I'm avoiding sugar, whether I've read David Gillespie's book. (David is an Aussie who has gone on a 'crusade' against the high consumption of sugar after losing a lot of weight himself, by giving it up. He has been on Radio and TV shows promoting his books)  And I hadn't read it until a few weeks ago. I checked out the council library catalogue and put a hold on the book. But after reading the first page I realised that I had actually got his second book by mistake... I wondered whether if it would matter if I read the second one first...

It's a very 'easy read' and I didn't stop at the first page, I kept going! It became obvious that the first book provided the 'science' behind the theory that sugar (in the quantities eaten these days) is best avoided, but the writer did provide research studies' results in the second book as well. The first book does offer strategies for lowering sugar intake but the second goes into more detail and also provides recipes developed by Gillespie's wife Liz. I also appreciated the chapter on artificial sweeteners which just strengthened my resolve to avoid all of them.

When I read the chapters on how a person might expect to feel when they have 'given up' sugar, I found myself recognising all the outcomes that had happened to me. I felt quite smug because I had already weaned myself off the stuff (sugar) and the book was aimed at those who were going to try to do that! lol One bit of 'science' that Gillespie described really 'hit home'. The research suggests that eating a lot of sugar causes the appetite control part of the brain to become ineffective and in my personal experience this was exactly what happened. I was always hungry! Not any more:-)

I put a hold at the library for the first book and picked it up yesterday, so will start reading that shortly. Doesn't that donut look real on the cover!!

I'm still losing weight but not the average of 1- 1.5kg per month...more likely to be 400 g but that's ok. When the weather is a bit cooler I'll step up the exercise regimen.  
A week ago I needed a photo of me wearing reading glasses and instead of just taking a new photo, I went through my pictures files. Look at this photo taken in early June 2012, 3 weeks after I started to avoid sugar...

 I'm so glad that I came across this's a good reminder of what an overindulgence of cakes, chocolates and Mars bars can do 'after a certain age' lol! The photo below is a lot better..

Six months after giving up the treats
Some anti sugar proponents such as Sarah Wilson (another Aussie), forbid the eating of fruit...pfft! I've really got to enjoy and savour my 2 pieces of fruit per day in these last 8 months. Gillespie cites research which says that fruit, although obviously loaded with fructose, is ok because of the fibre if you eat fresh whole fruit. 

When we have guests over for a meal, I always prepare a fruit platter

Look what I saw at our local Coles supermarket last week... a large display and promotion for a breakfast cereal. I thought the name was very the amount of sugar in this cereal is very high.

But it won't be going into our shopping trolley!


Naturally Carol said...

The 'no sugar' thing is really catching on, I met another two people today who are giving it a go. 'Krave' really does sound a bit desperate doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I've heard a bit about this. I am way past 'a certain age' and I'm very conscious of what I eat to maintain a healthy weight. I'm certainly going to get my hands on his book.
PS. That donut does look real!

Dee said...

I 'have' to avoid sugar as just before Christmas I found out that I had diabetes. It was to be expected as it was on both sides of the family but I had none of the usual symptoms, those that I did have I put down to menopause. I though I wasnt 'old' enough but I was actually older than my father was when he was diagnosed. For a number of years I have been cutting down sugar when cooking but still crave sweet sometimes. I am trying to avoid all substitutes as well. Low GI and High GI are important now.

kaiteM said...

I'm really appalled at the amount of sugar in some of those so-called breakfast cereals, 30% or even higher, 50% some. When i'm PM they will all be banned!! LOL!
And yes you look so much more healthy now.