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Monday, January 14, 2013

Valentine Initial swap...

Today was much cooler and I felt a lot more energetic than I have been these last few days. So it was time to actually start work on this swap project instead of just thinking about it! lol

Last week I dropped into my LYS and picked up the cotton yarn that I had ordered online. I bought some lovely 'Sugar and cream' cotton yarn to make a heart shaped knitted wash cloth. I had bought the Susan B Anderson pattern a few years as a download, thinking it would come in handy sometime :-) .

The next photo shows progress after I 'frogged' the first few centimetres and then reknitted on a size larger needles. Starting with one stitch and increasing every second row soon saw the heart grow, up to the section where the top was shaped.

But when I came to the shaping of the top part of the heart, I was completely flummoxed by the instructions for the abbreviation 'ssk'. I knew that others had posted 'cries for help' on my knitting group's forum about this abbreviation but I almost 'turned myself inside out' trying to follow the explanation in this I 'googled' it and found some You Tube videos. As soon as I saw the process demonstrated, I was right! So sometimes, I guess I'm a 'visual learner'. In the process I've learned another way of getting a decrease sloping to the left unlike the usual k2tog.

So tonight I finished the washer with a crocheted picot edge, but I still have to weave in the ends, as well as work out how I'm going to do the initial of the recipient. I've got a few ideas but it still might be a bit of trial and error to get it just right.

But it feels good to know that it's closer to being ready to post off.;


Anonymous said...

what a lovely heart Maria,well done.xx

Anonymous said...

That heart shaped washer is beautiful. Perfect colour and a very pretty edge. Shame to use it, you should frame it instead!

Nurdan Kanber said...

Initial swap is looking great.
How beautiful the heart is.
Very well done!

Dorothy said...

Lovely heart - lucky recipient.

Susan, a Sometimes Blogger said...

Hi Maria, your knitted heart is so pretty and the picot edging sets it off just right.
It's beaut how youtube is such a good source of information isn't it. I know what you mean by being a 'visual learner' - I've always favoured that way too.

Anthea said...

Beautifully done Maria... I envy those who can knit so well! x