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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Zillmere Knit and Natter...

Today I went to Zillmere Community Centre for the monthly K&N. We last gathered there at the end of November and during the recess some of the ladies have been very busy!

 At that last K&N at Zillmere, I handed over a bag of patchwork fabrics that a friend had given me to two of the 'regulars', who knit, but also do a lot of sewing.. There were mostly blue fabrics in the bag  and Ann And Val were thrilled that there were quite large pieces of material in the bag. They have been very busy with that fabric...they made 4 quilts... (photo of 3 of them)

In front there are other quilts ....

 And this one is so effective too!

And Ann and Val also turned some pretty cotton fabric into some children's clothes...
 But there are still more lovely items sewn by this lovely 2 ladies and their 3 friends!

This one had embroidered panels!

And a few photos of donations from others in the group...

And look at all this donated knitting cotton!
Yarn on the table in front of bags of donated items

Some children's jumpers for the Aunty Gwen Challenge

On the left, Jenny and Elaine sorting and collating members' items . On the table are some donated yarns and a big tin of buttons, all donations to the group!
So far this year the group has made approximately 649 items for the needy... and as you can imagine there will be an even greater need for items this year following these horror weeks with fires and now floods!

Nothing from me today...but yesterday I handed over a blanket made with the donated squares that I finished sewing up for FNSI :-) and I wove all the ends in on Sunday.

I'm now working on another sewing up knitting project...all the odd sized donated squares are now my some how sew them up into a usable blanket...wish me luck! lol


Nurdan Kanber said...

You are incredible!

How can you be able to manage to knit, crochet or sew such beauties while having a number of trips, visits to other places out of your home town?

Amazing and well done!

Paul Forster said...

I think it's wonderful that the group makes so much for the needy. There certainly will be a greater demand now.

Justjen said...

All beautiful work from you and the ladies of K4BN as always - Jen

Vireya said...

Great to see people putting their creativity to work in such a useful way!