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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Travelling along on the Ghan...

As we travelled north, the scenery began to change. It seemed like every hour brought some change. The following photos show some of those different vistas as we travelled along in South Australia.

It was also fun when this long train went around a large curve in the line.

This did look like salt but it could be just white sand of course.

On the Monday morning the train pulled into a siding at Marla at 3 am...which is well into the desert country of South Australia. We had set our iPad alarm to 5 am so we could do the off train experience of seeing the sunrise at Marla. DH and I dressed warmly as it was expected to be a bit chilly when the time came (5.30am) to leave the train. And what a 'wonderland' greeted us. 

Train staff had been up and at work for quite a while obviously, as lanterns were set up to light the way to the picnic tables. There were a couple of camp fires and tables set up with coffee, tea and juice.
I was so impressed that the mugs were china, not paper or plastic!

And staff moved around with platters of food...fruit, scrolls, bacon and egg sliders/muffins...all absolutely delicious!

And how wonderful to see the sun come up...and then to see the beauty of the red desert. I'll let the photos 'speak'...

Before we got back on the train, DH used my phone to make a little video to show the length (1.2 km) of the train...I've fiddled around a bit to find a way to share the video in this post. Eventually, somehow, I have created a link to my Instagram account where I had already posted the video. The link is via the highlighted 'Marla' at the very end of the post.


angela said...

Wonderful pics
In a few months we are driving up that way. One of the things I look forward to are the sunsets and sunrises

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Cool! and what a wonderful way to greet the day.
xx, Carol

knitty nutter said...

Great pics, thanks for sharing.

Sue (this n that) said...

A truly great breakfast experience for you both at Marla! Really appreciate the photos and video (amazing how long the train is!). It's wonderful seeing that part of the country through your eyes. We remember those breathtaking sunrises, the fresh morning smells and then the blue skies and red dirt. Fantastic seeing your posts :D)xx

Kaisievic said...

So beautiful! What a great experience.

Jackie said...

Nothing, but nothing beats watching the sun rise with a lovely warm cup of coffee in your hand.

Beautiful pictures.

God bless.

margaret said...

what a wonderful trip ypu are having and seeing the sunrise must be the icing on the cake

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

What an awesome experience πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•