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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Alice Springs Part 1...

After Marla, the Ghan headed for Alice Springs. We arrived early afternoon. We took a few photos as the train travelled from the outskirts of the town towards the station.

At the station, the tour buses were all ready and waiting. There were a number of choices for tours and we had chosen the Alice Springs Explorer.

The bus first dropped us in the 'Tourist Triangle' part of town where there were 3 attractions.
This rather imposing statue caught our is a statue of John McDouall Stuart, a famous explorer of this region. Stuart was the first explorer to travel through the centre of Australia from south to north...mostly desert country too, so it was quite an achievement. All the men in his expeditions survived too.  
Just a little extra trivia here...Adelaide businessmen, John and James Chambers helped fund McDouall Stuart's expeditions. James Chambers was a direct ancestor of my mother in law from my first marriage; great grandparent I think. Stuart 'repaid' Chambers by named land features after Chambers' family members, for example, Katherine, William River ( after a son), Chambers Hill and Chambers Creek to name a few.

DH and I decided to check out the National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame first.

It was housed in an old prison which had closed in 1996. This museum was the brainchild of Molly Clark who had been inspired by a visit to the Longreach Stockman's Hall of Fame.
Molly Clark

Molly felt that there should be a museum that showcased women's contributions to Australia. (Way to go, Molly!) With Molly as the driving force, the museum opened in 1994 in the old Courthouse in the town; then moved to its present home in 2007.

Oh how I loved this museum...sadly we didn't have much time, but DH and I gave it our best shot to see as much as possible.

Great displays!

I loved this cot, which was enclosed in by insect screen mesh...and it had a beautiful cot quilt made with 'cathedral window' blocks.

Boards showcasing women who were leaders/pioneers in their field.

A spectacular signature quilt!

A beautiful tapestry honouring aviatrixes...
Realising we were running out of time, DH and I very reluctantly left this museum and headed to the next museum...but that's another post!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This is the most wonderful trip. And you sure have a lot of interesting places to see in Australia!
xx, Carol

Jackie said...

I think I could have spent all day and then some in that museum. What a wonderful display of women's contributions to Australia.

God bless.

margaret said...

such an interesting museum so much to see and admire, what a great trip you are having and interesting reading about long ago relatives

angela said...

I've been to that museum
Isn't it wonderful
Thanks for bringing back my lovely memories
Can't wait for the next post

Cynthia said...

I would love this museum also. The meat safe cot is so interesting, all the generations of babies it sheltered and its pretty coverlet.

Vireya said...

Fascinating! If I ever get back to Alice Springs I will have to visit this museum.

Sue (this n that) said...

Wonderful! Thanks for the beaut look though the Women's Museum... a great idea by Molly Clark. Appreciated.