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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Some shopping on First Ave, Seattle...

Before DH and I had even left Australia, a number of people told us that we must not miss visiting Pike's Place Markets while we were in Seattle. So we set out to walk there on the Sunday morning. I planned our route so we would stroll down First Ave as I knew there were some yarn and patchwork/quilting shops on that street.
I quickly found the first shop on my list, Sew Much Yarn. It was a beautiful shop with so many lovely yarns to admire...

There were so many shelves of yarn!
And lovely samples on display!
And even a lovely view looking out of the back windows of the shop. 
Erica, the assistant who looked after me was able to give me directions to the nearby quilt shop as she said it can be hard to find being down an arcade on First Ave. She told me to look out for a Brewery sign as that was in the same building as the quilt shop.
So what a combination...a Brewery for the husbands to check out while their wives checked out the quilt shop!!

After a little wander around the quilt shop, I went back into the arcade and noticed another shop called Our Fabric Stash. It was filled with not only fabrics but also haberdashery and lots of unfinished projects including quilts that only needed binding. 
I talked to the lady who seemed to be running the business and found out that it was a consignment store. There were lots of items that looked like they were from a sewer's deceased estate...very popular with fashion students apparently and lovers of vintage. (I would have loved to buy some of the unfinished children's quilts that just needed binding as they would have been great to give K4BN, but it was a long way to bring them back home and with those airline baggage allowances...not a great idea perhaps! lol)  
I didn't buy anything from that store but had bought a few little things from the quilt store and the yarn store.
A skein of the softest yarn and mohair blend.

In the meantime DH checked out the Brewery and bought another T shirt.
 The next photo is the Brewery at street level. There are walkways that people can stand on and look down at the brewery 'workings'.

This is the lower level where all the brewing equipment is, as well as a pub type area for 'checking out' the brews.

That T shirt that DH bought...

Ah yes, DH and the souvenir T that's another post!!
After all this craft shopping we still had to explore the famous Pike Place markets. We'd seen glimpses of them as we had crossed side streets as we walked along First Ave. But eventually we headed down the hill to the markets...but that's also another post! :-)


Vireya said...

You find all the good shops, Maria!

margaret said...

some great shops you visited and well done being so restrained with the spending

Nanette said...

I noticed your yarn is not purple!? Lovely shops, how would you choose?