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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Show and a Tell

One of the joys of teaching was always the Show and Tell sessions with the children...especially in the Early Childhood classes I worked with.
In 2011 when DH and I went on our driving holiday of the US, I took great delight in buying little items for my neighbour's grandson as we went along. Jay had always helped his grandma with feeding our cats and he loved watering my veggie patch when we were away so it was a thank you to him. I sewed a drawstring bag and placed all the souvenirs in it and he was set for Show and Tell for weeks!

(That post is here and I was horrified to see how long it took me to make the bag and give it to Jay)

Well this year saw 2 of our great nieces starting school, so another opportunity for collecting little 'bits and pieces' was there. 
And over the last day or two I finally made 2 drawstring bags for each girl's collection. 
Inside Alex's bag...

Lucy's bag...

And her goodies...

Both bags have a list...
The bags are made with strips from a jelly roll I bought in Wallmart in 2011; Jay's bag was made with the same jelly roll. The lining for these latest bags is some San Francisco fabric that came in a Scrapbag from eQuilter years ago. 
However there were another couple of items bought which have not gone into either of these Show and Tell bags, but which DH and I say will eventually go to the young people in our family...
DH wants to play with the school bus for a while before it goes to Lucy's little brother Max.
And I bought this moose puppet ostensibly for Lucy but I want to play with it for a while too! Lol
I'm probably a bit greedy hanging on to the moose for a while because when we unpacked after arriving home, DH produced another puppet which he had secretly bought for me after I had fallen in love with it but wouldn't buy because we already had bought so much 'stuff'. 
Another Moose puppet!
But that's not all!

Turn the moose over and pull down the 'glove' and voila! A black bear!! Love it!!!


Susan said...

I can already hear you telling a story with that puppet. What a great idea to being home some show & tell.

Cynthia said...

Show snd Tell has been going strong for several generations! Your grandkids will have some fun things to show when it's their turn. You could always keep the puppets for puppet shows at Grandma and Grandpa's house. That way you'll can "practice" between visits!

doodles n daydreams said...

You have been a really busy gran making and filling those bags :) The puppets are great and I'm sure the big kids toys will eventually get to the littlies they are intended for haha.


margaret said...

I can picture the delight and joy as the girls opened and inspected their bags, such a lovely idea. Have fun with your puppets, we are all still children at heart