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Monday, September 14, 2015

Rubber Ducks...some of the souvenirs in the suitcases!

My DD1 loves to collect rubber duckies. Last year when we visited the British Museum, the gift shop there was selling rubber duckies who had various forms of headgear representing the different eras in British history. So I picked out 2 to buy for her; a Norman 'soldier' rubber duck and a Viking duck. 

So when we were travelling in North America this time, I kept an eye out for more ducks for her collection.  At the Orange Empire Railway Museum, I found some 'railway' ducks and selected 2.

In Ketchikan, Alaska, I spotted a little shop that had quite a collection of rubber ducks...but they were very hats or 'costumes'! But what I did find  was a cute  pair of socks with little ducks all over. 
These gifts have been handed over to DD1, much to her delight! 
I asked her for some photos of her collection...
At work...
the little ducks in the foreground are actually erasers that I found somewhere or other and bought for her collection :-)
And some of the collection at home! 
I usually buy a little something for DD1's housemate when we travel ; they have been friends since their late teens and housemates for just over 3 years. I hoped that J wouldn't be offended by the design on the pair of socks which I bought for her in California. But she loved them and said that because she enjoys the odd glass of red, it was a good choice. 
And that's why I bought them! 


Nanette said...

Casey Jones cute! That's a great little collection, makes it much easier to pick up little souvenirs when you know someone has a collection of some sort.

Maria said...

You bought a couple of cute ducks for DD collection and both pairs of socks look great.

Lin said...

Owls, chickens pigs yes - ducks! I have never heard of anyone collecting ducks. But what a super collection she has and I love both pairs of socks. xx

doodles n daydreams said...

these are really fun souvenirs, I'm sure the girls enjoyed them. Have a nice day,


Susan said...

Love the rubber duckies - I have never heard of anyone collecting these and did not realise they came in different variations..what a lot of fun!

angela said...

What a good mama you are. Soooo many rubber duckies lol