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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Goodbye Seattle...

After a busy weekend in Seattle, we packed up and sat in the foyer of our hotel waiting for our taxi to take us to Seatac Airport. (Seattle-Tacoma)
 (DH moved just as I took the photo!)
 We had allowed ourselves plenty of time so were quite early for our flight. That meant time to sit and watch the world go by...and take photos of each other doing that! lol

I was intrigued by this mobile above our heads...
Seattle seems to be synonymous with fish...and that's what this mobile consisted of...dozens and dozens of little coloured fish.

Also in the terminal, I was impressed with the rubbish bins...3 options of where to put your refuse...
Eventually it was time to board our aircraft. From my seat I had a great view of a truck that pumped out the waste tanks of the planes!

And it was from my seat in the plane that later I got to see Mt Rainier for real!
Our destination was Long Beach Airport where DH's cousin would be picking us up. We would then spend a few days with her before leaving for home on the Thursday. 
At that airport, we quickly found my suitcase on the luggage carousel but DH's didn't seem to be anywhere in sight. Then we heard our name over the PA asking us to report to a counter. There DH found his suitcase but it had had a very rough time of it on the conveyor belt used to unload luggage from the plane...oh dear!
Luckily nothing was lost from that compartment. The airline gave us a $30 card for travel with JetBlue which wasn't much use to us as we would not be flying again within the US in the next 12 months! So we gave it to DH's cousin to use.
 So we were back in Huntington Beach once more for a few days. This meant not only spending time with family, sightseeing, shoppings etc, but it also meant more time with those beautiful dogs...
Maddy seemed to be my favourite..

Due to the drought in California, many residents are taking out their lawns and replacing them with rockery type gardens or in some cases, fake lawns.
 This garden has gone for the rockery and lots of beautiful this one!

I will eventually write a post about another couple of things we saw and did in these last days of our holiday. And then I'll have a pretty comprehensive record of our trip, as, I know from experience, you often forget things/little details etc even though at the time, they made quite an impression! lol.


Nanette said...

What are the fish made of Maria....some sort of metal I'm guessing, but it looks a little like paper too; aren't those bins a good idea, having one just for food waste is so good; lucky you, getting to watch the waste being pumped :) Certainly a great record of your trip, I've enjoyed it too.

margaret said...

a lovely way to spend your final days with family before returning home