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Monday, August 19, 2013

Book Week...

Here in Australia, we are currently in 'Book Week', which this year runs from August 17-23. This event is run by the Children's Book Council of Australia and each year this group gives out awards to writers and illustrators of children's literature and of course, promotes Australian authors.

Now the reason why I know all this, is because schools and public libraries always use this week as an excuse to provide lots of fun activities. As a classroom teacher, I would be urged by the teacher librarian to organise activities ( there was always a theme for Book Week) within my classroom and to also join in whole of school fun activities as well.

One of my postings was at Kelvin Grove, and that school really knew how to have fun in Book Week! Staff and students would be encouraged each year to dress up as a favourite book character. So how about I show you some photos from Book Week 2000...
I was teaching the 1/2 composite class and this class loved a book, 'Mr Biffy's Battle', which was written by Richard Tulloch, an Australian author. Mr Biffy was a busker clown who was a bit upset when a female clown, 'Fiona the Great' stole his audience in the town square.

I discovered this book when I saw Richard Tulloch read the story at the 'Out of the Box' Festival. He read from the original storyboards that had the original illustrations which were on very large sheets of paper/card

So for Book Week in 2000 I decided to dress up as Mr Biffy, and my student teacher Andrea, offered to dress up as Fiona the Great. Nola, the Year 1 teacher did our make up...

Presenting, Mr Biffy and Fiona the Great, Brisbane style!

The wig and clown hat were hired from a local costume hire shop... Andrea lent me her tweed jacket and I carried a small suitcase that was actually a picnic set
Luckily I wasn't called upon to do acrobatics or magic like the real Mr Biffy...I just had to walk around a

{The story behind the photo doesn't end there though...straight after our festivities, I had to attend a meeting at the university, a 5 minute walk from our school campus. I had no time to remove makeup or change back into street clothes, so I attended the meeting as Mr Biffy. I was representing our school at a meeting with faculty staff, in particular QUT's School of Early Childhood. I felt so uncomfortable but the uni staff were impressed that staff would dress thought our curriculum mirrored what they thought it should be. whew! lol)

That day, my friend Sue dressed up as one of Roahl Dahl's nastier characters, Miss Trunchbull from his book, Matilda. Sue found this photo when I asked if she still had photos from this day...

Words fail But this Year 6 class didn't seem very frightened of the awful Miss Trunchbull!
So I wonder what is happening this year in schools and public libraries...hopefully all participants will have as much fun as we used to :-)
As a child I loved learning things from of course, I use Google. Having said that, I love this picture and caption!

Even though it seems to suggest that I may be 'prehistoric'! lol


Susan said...

Nor prehistoric - just a good memory!
I do enjoy these posts Maria.
I remember those banks of drawers at uni . .

Marilyn said...

Great character dressups. There are so many wonderful characters in childrens books aren't there. My Grandies must not be having to dress up - I havent been called upon for last minute costumes - yet!!!

Vireya said...

Love the prehistoric googling!

I see book week costumes on various people's blogs, but I've never seen teachers getting dressed up before. That's fantastic!

I don't know if I am glad or sad that dressing up for book week wasn't a thing when my son was at school. It seems to be so much fun, but it would have been one more thing added to my busy life at the time which I might have had trouble dealing with.

Ryll Paul said...

I just love this Maria, I recently did my PowerPoint presentation at Salisbury State School and by the time I arrived home I had an amazing email from the Coopers Plains Librarian which was filled with accolades then within a few day one 9 year old boy rang to talk with me in conjunction with how he has already applied much of what I was encouraging the children to embrace. Children are so amazing in their honesty and enthusiasm... I just love your blogs and have to try to get back to mine :)

Naturally Carol said...

We have had all manner of characters embark on bookweek from our house including Pippi Longstocking and various pirates. I love your Mr Biffy character, it looked like you were having a lot of fun with him!