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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sunday afternoon in Buderim...

It's interesting to watch the weather reports from around Australia at the moment. For the last few days Queensland has been sweltering (Brisbane was 38 degrees C yesterday) but meanwhile Tasmania has snow and Victoria has turned cold as well.

Yesterday DH headed off to golf, but Eduardo, the cat, and I took it easy. We lay under the fan, windows open for cross ventilation; he snoozed and I read most of a Barbara Vine (aka Ruth Rendell) novel that my Melbourne SIL had given me. Such decadence...I still haven't got used to the fact that I can read during the day...and I've been officially retired for 18 months now! lol

Possibly because of the heat, the laptop is not working that well at the moment. Since the crash of the PC a few months ago followed by the system refusing to allow me to reinstall the 'finepix' photo uploader, I've used the laptop to upload photos to a USB. So this post will be one that can use photos already uploaded instead of a post about swaps and decorating for Christmas etc. So this post will be about what DH, DD1 and I did last Sunday.

 A former student of mine, Robyn, runs BYTE which stands for Buderim Youth Theatre of Excellence. Young people receive theatre training and each year there are a number of productions to showcase the students' work. Earlier this year, DH and I went to see their production of  'Titanic' which we thoroughly enjoyed. Robyn's sister also works for BYTE. Robyn's mum and I have been friends for many years as I used to live next door to her mother. We also worked together for a few years too. Robyn's mum, Pat, has retired to Buderim and also plays her part in supporting her daughters in their work with the theatre. 

The latest production is that wonderful old musical, 'Oklahoma'. And that is why we drove up to Buderim on Sunday. Robyn's daughter was in that performance and we particularly wanted to see her. I was so impressed with Katherine's performance in 'Titanic' and we not to be disappointed this time. She played the role of Laurie, a young woman who is being 'pursued' by Curly and the sullen, sometimes violent, Judd. The character of Laurie plays it cool but you can tell she really likes Curly! lol

The stage ready for the performance; with the little farm house where Laurie lived with her aunt

A musical needs an orchestra, and this one was great!

Katharine was wonderful; a great 'all rounder', with her glorious singing voice, great acting and her dancing too! Oklahoma is full of songs that are catchy and ones that are familiar to people in my age group. DH loved the songs so much, he sang along with the cast at various times :-/ lol

I've received permission to use some of the company's photos of the performance, as naturally, flash photography was not allowed during the performance....

Laurie singing early in the first act...
These 3 performers were really good!
Laurie and Curly finally admit their true feelings...
And they even get married!!

During interval, DH took some photos of Pat, moi, DD1 and Robyn's brother Stuart. Stuart is also a former student of mine and performed in a play I directed when he was in Year 7... he did a great job too!

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barbara woods said...

it's great being retired . i have been for 11 years and it keeps getting better. the only downside , i keep getting older or maybe that's a up-side