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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 is nearly over...

And what a year it's been. DH and I have been fortunate this year as the dramas of family life haven't been as 'cataclysmic' as some years have been...just the usual up and downs. 
DH and I worked together on 2 elections in March and April; he as the Returning Officer (boss) and me as his clerical assistant. It was work like nothing I had ever done before. But I thoroughly enjoyed taking orders and having no real responsiblity other than to do as I was asked. So different from teaching! 

After the elections we took a break and went to Victoria for a lovely holiday visiting the goldfields' towns and finishing up with a few days in Melbourne. Naturally the laptop came with us and I blogged about all our travels.  DH also played some golf competitions away from home and this year I went along too. As well as travelling farther afield, I also blogged about places in my city.

Queensland Art Gallery, in front of a 3D picture of  one of the galleries in the Prado... 

One day in November, we went on a cruise from Brisbane to the Gold Coast; magical!
We went to Toowoomba's Carnival of Flowers in September

While DH played golf I walked along the beach with a friend who lives on the Sunshine Coast

I continued with my knitting groups and my beloved Sisters of Stitch. I continued to make my knitted throws, crocheted throws and beanies; mostly for charity but I did make a few for gifts to friends. I also made 7 throws by sewing together squares which had been knitted and donated to K4BN. 
This one was such a challenge as all the squares were different sizes :-)

A baby blanket made with donated squares, plus a mini Christmas stocking

 Our parish embarked on lots of activities for fund-raising (including a fete) which I also  became involved in enthusiastically. 

Not my favourite sewing project this year; sewing rectangles of fabric over  logos on shopping bags :-)

The Christmas Markets in the church hall

This year I became more involved with blogger swaps and as a result 'met' more fellow bloggers and I find that the more blogs I read, the more I learn. Becoming involved in swaps meant that I also worked on more sewing projects. I tend to be a lazy when it comes to knitting vs sewing; sewing needs more preparation than just picking up some yarn and a pair of needles...but that is changing! lol

Years ago I loved hexagon patchwork; have spent time this year re discovering that joy! I made 2 of these decorations for swaps... 

In the Spring OASS, Sue made me these lovely gifts...

As well being involved in swaps, I also participated in Photo Scavenger Hunts which were so much fun! One week I even shared what was in the third drawer of my kitchen bench...Another wonderful way to 'meet' other bloggers.

This year I also made the conscious decision to listen to the message that the cardiologist had been 'sprouting' for 6 or so years...give up the carbs! So starting at the beginning of May, I have avoided sugar. Not easy, as I think that I was actually addicted to the lovely  stuff! lol. I continued to ride the exercise bike each day but this year the weight started to come off so now the 6 monthly visit to the cardio is quite pleasant!

Despite avoiding sugar, I still continued my regular meet ups with various groups of friends...everyone is now used to my not eating cake or dessert...

schoolmates at an December get together for lunch...

In May we had a family engagement and that will be followed by a wedding in May 2013. DH and I are now wondering whether there might be another engagement in 2013?? Meeting DsD1's beau and seeing how happy she is was the best Christmas present!

Lucy, our great niece, dancing around in the dress that we gave her for Christmas; according to her grandfather who delivered it on our behalf, it was a big hit with its big bow and net petticoat :-)

In late November my pregnant niece developed looked like the baby, due on Christmas day would have to be induced 3 weeks early... my niece's condition was closely monitored and gradually all appeared to right itself and the pregnancy continued. December 25 came and went...nothing happened. And then today my niece's baby was born; a boy, 4.5 kgs, 53cm long and named Maximo Floyd. What a wonderful gift to usher in the New Year. 

One proud dad with Lucy and little Max
Happy New Year Everyone!!


Anonymous said...

what a lovely post Maria,happy new year.xx

Naturally Carol said...

Happy New Year Maria! Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement..both my sister and I gave up sugar too..until Christmas came along..and will resume within the next few days reading your testimony to the health benefits...and are better for doing so. Wishing more great adventures for you both!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Maria. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures in 2012. You've had an interesting year. Looking forward to more in 2013.

jeanetteann said...

Happy New Year Maria, My you have had a busy year. Your crafting is very nice. I love the hexagon quilting too,and have been doing a hexagon quilt for 30yrs. Last year I started on it again and am enjoying it. Nothing like a new baby in the family too. I don't think we will get any more now. Thank you for your visit. Good luck with my give away too. xx