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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Friday Night with Friends...crocheting...

On Friday night I joined in with Cheryll's FNWF.  I ended up crocheting; just a square though, nothing fancy lol! It's been a bit hot here and I haven't felt like doing much craft at all, so something simple was called for. Only had to grab the ziplock bag with all the indigenous coloured yarns and a hook and I was ready to go. Each square consists of 15 rounds and on Friday night, I called it quits after 13 rows, so the last 2 were done today. 

Any items  made in these three colours, black, red and golden yellow are always popular when they are handed out to needy people in the one square down, 19 more to make a blanket for someone :-) I love that variegated yarn from Lincraft; it's so much fun to work with.

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Becky said...

One square at a time~! Lovely