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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Random things...

DH and I had planned a day out for yesterday (Saturday), going for a bit of a drive, but our plans changed on Friday night when he realised that he would need to go into work. So I enjoyed the luxury of a bit of a 'lie in' and then pottered around the house catching up with some washing, ironing and some tidying up. I'm not being facetious either, I did enjoy all those little jobs that I've got behind in recently. We did do some grocery shopping together later in the day, so we did go out eventually! lol

Today DH went off to golf and I met up with some of my old school friends for coffee. We met at a place called LITSE which stands for 'Life's too short, enjoy' which we all agreed was a good maxim to live by.

Later in the day I did some weeding around and in the vegie patch and took a trip to Bunnings to buy some seed potatoes. I bought a punnet of lettuce seedlings, a tomato plant but it's a bit early for the seed potatoes. So I guess when I add that I've also fitted in some knitting and crocheting this weekend and some cooking in bulk, I feel that I've had quite a productive weekend :-)

Last Sunday I wrote about our credit card being 'compromised' and I guess it was a duplicate of our card that was used in southern cities to the tune of several thousand dollars. We have no idea how our details were stolen...and then today in the Sunday paper, there was an article about credit card fraud in Kilcoy, a small town north and west of Brisbane. A number of the people in the town were victims with the cards being used in locations as far away as India...and many thousands of dollars in transactions involved. makes you wonder doesn't it?


Calico Child said...

So glad your sunday was better than last Sunday Marie that is so awful It makes my blood boil, hope it hasn't caused you to much stress & the credit card company will sort it out for you x

Susan said...

I too love that maxim LITSE - you girls are certainly enjoying it, what a happy bunch!

Oh that credit card business, it does indeed make you wonder. I'm a lot more careful, my eyes never leave it once it leaves my hand (for what good that will do, lol!)

Am doing a catch-up on your posts, slowly working my way up. See you at the next one :D)