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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A precious day off...

The 'boss' gave me the day off today. The last day or so I planned what I would do. By this morning I had quite a list of things that I intended to do. Far too long a list actually and reality is that I only got around to a few things. I was up and out of bed quite early and after breakfast I made a slice. (chocolate coconut delights)
Then I set myself up at the big table on the veranda with one goal in finish another blanket for Knitting for Brisbane's Needy. I have written about this particular blanket in previous posts; I joined donated squares/rectangles  which varied somewhat in size. It was a bit like a jigsaw puzzle as I attempted to fit the shapes together. Eventually I knitted 'pieces' to fit spaces left.
 I still had to crochet around the blanket and weave in and cut off loose ends. And that's what I was doing this morning and I did indeed finish it. So I spent some time sewing up another blanket of donated squares for the same charity, which had already been started. It was so pleasant working on the veranda with the rain coming down on the metal roof.

The new blanket folded up

draped over a chair

Time flies when you're doing something like that and pretty soon it was midday. I had a slice to ice, lunch to eat, clothes to iron before heading off to my other craft group Sisters of Stitch. I had a lovely afternoon there and then headed to the office to meet DH who was going to take me through some instructions I need for a task I'm doing tomorrow.

So I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped but achieved enough to make it a successful and restful day.

PS Friday Night Sew In is this Friday March 16. When I checked earlier today the sign up wasn't ready but it might be ready now. Why not join in? Just use the button on the side of my blog...FNSI


Maria said...

The blanket looks great and I am sure it will keep someone very warm this winter.
Signed up for FNSI on Monday, thanks.

Susan said...

You've done a fine job with the blanket Maria. I like the irregular shapes, looks real homey. It would be a great comfort to someone who receives it too.