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Thursday, March 8, 2012

At least a Certificate iii ....

Well I'm almost at the end of the 3rd week back (temporarily) in the workforce. I've learned lots of new things and feel quite confident navigating through the computer system. I feel that I now must have the equivalent of a Certificate iii in Envelope 'Stuffing and Sealing'. (Here in Australia, our TAFE colleges give out some Diplomas and lots of certificates for the various vocational courses)

Obviously I've made up that particular certificate course but if there was one I would have achieved all the competencies required! lol Even though part of my job is being the mail clerk, this last week DH has taken the container of mail up the street to the Post Office because the amount of mail was too heavy for me to carry. That's a lot of envelopes!

In my first day in the job I was introduced to the gadget pictured below. It does the 'licking' to seal the envelopes. So if you had a mental picture of me licking 1700 envelopes, it's ok...I didn't. I used this gadget. One day I had a bit of help from another casual so we got through lots of 'stuffing and sticking down' envelopes that day.

You fill the well under the roller with water and then roll the gummed edge of the envelope over the roller.

I'm still enjoying the work. The fact that there is no preparation involved beforehand or work to be taken home  is still a wonderful novelty.

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Claud said...

I don't understand why you didn't want to have that lovely aftertaste one gets after licking envelopes? And 1700 of them!

Thank God for gadgets like that roller right?