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Monday, March 5, 2012

Make- Grow- Thrift

The first weekend of each month a knitting group I belong to, has a challenge which runs from Friday night until Sunday night. The idea of the challenge is to replenish items (that we give away to the needy) that may be running low or sometimes it is a special project where we focus on making items for a particular group.

The March Challenge was making beanies and scarves for the community in Doomadagee in North Qld. This is an Aboriginal community and they are very proud of their football team, the Doomadagee Dragons. We were focussing on making items in the team’s colours for the young ones in the community.

I’d hoped to make at least 2 beanies but just didn’t really feel like knitting this weekend gone...especially that 22 rows of rib to start a beanie :-( ,so just the one from me this time!

One beanie which still needs to be sewn up!
I'm once again linking in with Jodie for her feature Make-Grow-Thrift.


Calico Child said...

Thats so lovely of you Marie I bet they will be so pleased when they receive all the beanies you have created for them good on ya!! :)))))

Susan said...

Ah, it might be just one beanie to you but I bet the recipient wears it with much pleasure. A beaut deed Maria :D)