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Monday, March 19, 2012

Make- Grow- Thrift

It's Monday again, so I'm joining in with Jodie and her regular feature.
One year, not so long ago, one of the parishioners at our church came up with a fundraising idea which she labelled the '$20 Talents Challenge'. Inspired by a parable in one of the Readings, in which a master entrusted varying numbers of bags of gold to his servants before he (the master) embarked on a trip. Two of the servants 'put the money to work and gained more wealth for their master; the other servant dug a hole and buried the gold in it. When the master got back he rewarded those first two and  the other servant who buried the money, had his bag of gold taken off him and distributed to the others who had worked hard to increase their master's money. So what has this got to do with fundraising?....

Well those who took the challenge were given a $20 note. Their challenge was to 'grow' that $20 using talents that they had. Some people used the money to buy potting mix and seeds and pot up seedlings and sell them. Others hosted dinners where guests paid $10 for the meal. Provisions were bought with the $20. Some people made jams, preserves and brownies to sell. One lady knitted little dolls which were gorgeous. Other people sewed items for sale.

We're having the Challenge again this year and I decided to take part. I used the money to buy some 'fancy' yarns and I'm making scarves; just simple ones that I can work on in odd spare moments. So far I've finished 5 and have enough yarn (some from my stash as well) to make a few more before the challenge ends on Sunday April 15. The purple and mauve scarves have already been bought so that's $16 so far. So I've almost got the original $20 back.

So far others this year have made greetings' cards, meringues, sewn items and turned wooden pens. It's a fun activity with the added bonus of fundraising :-) .


Becky said...

AWESOME job! Those scarves are lovely! And a GREAT fundraiser idea.

Lea White said...

That sounds like a great challenge! Love the colours!

Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

What a clever fundraising idea Maria! You will well and truly earn a wonderful profit with your lovely scarves.