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Friday, February 10, 2012

Wow! Ten thousandth pupil! I'd forgotten about this....

I've been searching through boxes of 'stuff' recently, looking for some old family photos. I still haven't found those old photos but I've turned up lots of items that I had forgotten all about. One of these is an old newspaper clipping from 1990 which features DD2. This photo was on the front page of the local Quest newspaper and it was all very exciting at the time.
The article that accompanied the photo stated that my daughter was the 10 000th pupil at the school. The article explained that when the school opened on July 4, 1904 there was only a handful of pupils. It's obvious that enrolments picked up a bit in the following 86 years. The article commented that I had been a pupil at the school and had taught there for 11 years and in 1987, I had come back to set up and run the Outside School Hours Care Centre attached to the school. DD1 had also started school there in 1987. The office checked up my enrolment number in the register and it was 4865, quite a way from the 10 000 mark!

The article also mentions something that I'd forgotten...there was a special assembly/parade to present DD2 with a commemorative book to acknowledge the occasion...I remembered the book but not the special parade.

The original school building, built in 1904; picture is taken in 1930 and shows the police officer Sergeant Creedy on his horse. A two storey brick building was built in the mid 1930s to replace this wooden building.


Humble wife said...

Wow! What an interesting bit of family trivia that encompasses local history!

Thanks for the neat story to take me into the weekend.


Becky said...

That is so neat! And even better that you've saved the News article all these years.

Kayly said...

I think my Grandfather was pupil no. 63 and his siblings enrolled a few days later.
Sgt. Creedy was a firm believer in community policing! My father can attest to that, and that Sgt. Creedy had about a size 9 boot and a good lecture about Westbrook (a boys' reformatory).

Susan said...

Lovely, what a nice surprise for you to come across that clipping. A very happy and bright picture of your DD2 too! A nice bit of family history.
Thank you Maria for your welcome back comment on my blog. Much appreciated, cheers Susan xx :D)

debby emadian said...

I love social history like this newspaper clippings, hand written recipes all kinds of ephemera that bring back memories like these happy ones for you Marie. I'm sure that retirement will be a fulfilling time that produces lots more memories and clippings for the future.

Have a lovely weekend.

Lea White said...

How neat! What a great memory to have!