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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Goodbye Jim...hello Bruce

Our parish  said goodbye to Father Rod last Easter. I wrote about our trip to Warwick for his commissioning at his new parish here. While the search went on for a new Rector, Father Jim Nolan was the locum and what a lovely man he turned out to be. But he is retired so his time with us was only temporary. On Saturday night Jim and his wife Fay threw a party which was a thank you to all of us for being so welcoming and this get together was also a welcome to Father Bruce and his wife Patti and a chance for parishioners to meet them informally.

Father Jim standing; Father Bruce sitting

I guess it's a sign of the times that parishes have quite long waits before a new priest is found. It's just as well that there are a number of retired priests who fill in as locums in these circumstances. DH asked Jim what he would be doing now that he has handed over to Bruce. Apparently he will continue to be very busy with a number of projects and locum positions!

Suzanne, church warden, presenting Jim with his going away gift of a weekend away!

My friend Carmen; she's still teaching but will retire mid year

Fay and Marge who have been parishioners at St John's for years


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Lea White said...

It looks like you had a great gathering! I love the photo in your header.