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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What I'm reading at the moment...

When I worked, I found that I wasn't reading very much for pleasure any more. I would be too tired to read novels and other books at night, and had got into the habit of reading craft and gardening magazines (borrowed from the library) during term time and reading the occasional book in school holidays. Even though I'm now retired I still find it hard to sit and read during the day; feeling that somehow I should be doing something more actively constructive. But I am getting better...I sit and read for at least 30 minutes during the day as well as bedtime reading.

I used to read a lot of 'detective/who done it' type books as well as forensic sciences' genre such as Kathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwell books and DH read biographies and autobiographies. But my tastes are changing and I'm now enjoying biographies etc. A few months ago I read a women's magazine at the hairdresser's and read articles about 2 books. I thought that the reviews sounded interesting so I checked out the council  library catalogue, found them both, and put a hold on them. I've had to wait nearly 2 months but at last they became available.
Tea with Arwa is a delightful book, written in a style that makes reading on a pleasure. Arwa describes how her family came to live in Australia and to eventually settle in and become Aussies. Her parents were Palestinians who had been forced to leave their homeland when the Israelis took over the land. They moved to Saudi Arabia where they had a good life but they could never be granted citizenship, so they were people without a country to really call home. It took great sacrifices for the family to come to Australia. Arwa recounts what it is like to be a Muslim and weaves in a lot of information about her family's beliefs...There are some funny anecdotes as well as some sharply poignant events recounted. Arwa also includes recipes for favourite family foods and includes her mother's recipe for lamingtons. (a very typical Aussie cake)  Arwa uses beautiful imagery and descriptive prose...very enjoyable to read!

 The second library book is called That Woman' and is a biography of Mrs Wallis Simpson who changed the course of British history by becoming involved with the heir to the throne in the 1930s. He became king, Edward viii, but abdicated not long after as he wasn't supposed to marry Mrs Simpson. I've only read a little bit so far but it is quite interesting reading about her humble beginnings.

The 3rd book I'm reading at the moment is a recipe book. It's a compilation of favourite recipes sent in by listeners to a radio program on the ABC. It was published to raise funds for the flood appeal last year. My friend Tricia gave it to me for Christmas. I read it in bed at night...some recipes look and sound like they are worth a try...others...maybe not! lol It's interesting that the dessert section has a higher number of 'must try that' recipes. When I do try them out, you'll be able to read about it here!


Becky said...

All three books sound very interesting; I'm glad you are taking the time to fit in a bit of reading each day. I usually can read 5 to 15 pages but then I get sleepy and have to put a book down.

Lea White said...

Those books sound very interesting! I'm reading a book on Elliott Smith at the moment. Have recently discovered his music and now I'm reading about his life. Really interesting

Susan said...

Thanks Maria, I enjoyed your descriptions of the books you're currently reading - you have a way with words.
I'm mainly a bedtime reader nowadays, sometimes I only last a chapter, but always love a good story.