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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We had some busy weekends lately...

The weekend before last I wrote a post about travelling up to the Sunshine Coast to my niece's for her daughter's 2nd birthday. The rest of the family stayed after the long, leisurely brunch but DH and I headed off back home just after 2 pm. We had tickets for that evening's 6.30 performance of 'Mary Poppins'. I can still remember going to the movie  'Mary Poppins' when I was about 13. It was at the Metro, a city picture theatre, and our neighbour, Mrs Springer, took me. I loved it! The stage show was absolutely brilliant; the sets were amazing...and of course Mary Poppins 'flies'. lol

Then last weekend was also busy. On Saturday morning I was up early to give the house a bit of a spruce up, as we had some of our girls and 2 partners coming for lunch. We try to get together when DH's DD1 comes down for the weekend from Wandoan. This time, because I'm temporarily back in the workforce, the girls all brought a contribution to the lunch...that worked very well!

On Sunday mid-morning, DH went off to golf (very muddy!) and I went to my monthly coffee morning with some old friends. It was lovely catching up and then I noticed a former neighbour sitting at a nearby table. I moved from that area nearly 12 years ago and only recently I wondered about this neighbour from the next street to where I had lived...I thought that she was probably dead I'm afraid. But no...there she was. I pointed her out to my friends and said that I wouldn't interrupt her and her young friend but then I noticed that the younger woman had got up and was talking to people at another table. So I went over and said (with a big smile on my face), 'Hello Edna, don't know if you remember me, but it's Maria who used to live in the street behind you'.
She looked blankly at me...and then recognition dawned. What she said then sure wiped the smile from my face! 'I would never have recognised you Maria! You used to be quite thin!'.... :-/   We chatted for 10 minutes or so and I found out that she was 89! Anyways I went back to my friends then and when I told them what she had said...they all laughed!

My sense of humour soon returned though and I had a good laugh later at the photo below which a friend sent me.

Yarn bombing in Germany
Just imagine how much time knitting a sweater/jumper for a tree would take! It would certainly put a dent in the stash! lol


Maria said...

Love the photo of the tree with it's beautiful striped jumper.

You could knit one for a boab tree if you what to dent your stash......

Humble wife said...

How exciting to see Mary Poppins~ I am certain it was wonderful(I am not a bit jealous, instead content that you went!!!)

Oh the yarn bombing. In the desert southwest US, scrub tree painting has kind of popped up. You will drive along and see a rainbow scrub tree. Personally, I kind of love how our traits as people spill to the outdoors, because we decorate with rustic things in our homes. It is only natural that we mesh with the outdoors and vise versa!


Lea White said...

What a cool photo of the tree!!! Oh my, that comment from your ex-neighbour was rather out of the blue... reminds me of the brutal honesty my kids sometimes have.

Jen said...

Hahah I shouldn't laugh mama...would I remember Edna? Was she the lady with the little dog? xxx

Maria said...

Yes Jen it was Edna Moy. She told me that she still has a little dog but doesn't go for walks with it, I guess due to her age. She still knows all the local gossip and for example told me all the Morehead family news...I must tell Kirsty it will give her a laugh!