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Saturday, February 18, 2012


Last night was the February, Friday Night Sew In and despite my best intentions to start a sewing project, I worked on something that has been a WIP for the past week or so. I sewed another 2 rows on the blanket that I'm sewing up out of donated squares. Individuals and groups knit and crochet squares for the group, Knitting for Brisbane's Needy which distributes the sewn up blankets to needy people around the state.

Often the squares are varied in the sizing; some are loosely knitted, others are very tightly knitted/crocheted. So I've worked a row of double crochet in black around the squares and knitted some rectangles to fill in spaces . 
I think that this blanket will be ready to hand over at the next Knit and Natter that I'll go to in the last week of the month. That makes 2 blankets finished for this month! woot woot! The box of squares that I brought home last year is now under half full...the question I offer to take another box, or concentrate on some of my own projects? I guess when winter hits, that'll help me make up my mind! lol

Now I just have to share this cartoon that a friend posted on K4BN's Facebook page:-


Maria said...

Your blanket looks lovely and warm. Someone will love it.

Maria did you ever start that Freindship Medallion you got me hooked on ???????????

Becky said...

The blanket is really coming together for you. It's always so nice coming up with something useful out of donated items. You are doing a wonderful job.

The Thompsons said...

It looks great! (love the cartoon)