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Monday, September 16, 2019


We spent a few days in Dublin before our bus tour. We had an 8 hour flight from Dubai so on the first day we didn’t do much except walking to a local pub for dinner. The second day we caught a bus into the city centre. 
The Millennium Spire dominates the Main Street. 

The lovely post office building...

And a statue of the author, James Joyce

We walked down one of the shopping streets...Henry St. 

We were looking for a particular address...

And we found it! A bar and restaurant called The Church.

Later in the post I’ll explain why we were looking for The Church and a little bit more about it. 
We also walked up to the river that flows through Dublin, the Liffey.
There’s a lovely walkway beside the river with lots of mauve planter boxes filled with mauve petunias. 

Lots of bridges cross the river...

It’s hard to see in my photo but in some sections there are 2 bridges; one quite high and a second quite low.
That’s probably why the river cruise boats are so low slung...

The seagulls are big and friendly 

Across the road from the river was the magnificent customs house building. 

I had to take the photo in 3 parts.

We’d had to wander around to fill in a bit of time in the city rather than catch a bus back to our hotel. DH’s golfing buddy Dick, had asked us to meet up with his son who lives in Dublin. And the arrangements had been made for us to meet him at 5.30  after work at The Church. Apparently when Dick visits his son and family, his favourite place to visit is that very place. 
We were still a little early so we decided to sit in a little park just behind the restaurant. A lady had been feeding the pigeons ( and seagulls) when we arrived but soon she left. So the birds decided that DH might have some food for them! 🙄😂

So we decided to wait for Andrew inside The Church! 

The repurposing of this building was very tastefully and elegantly done; it was magnificent! 

Andrew soon arrived and organised drinks as his father had asked him to...

And of course I took a photo to send to Dick. 
This restaurant and bar was originally a Church of Ireland church, St Mary’s but had not been a place of worship for some time. I was surprised to learn that the C of I is Anglican. 


Vireya said...

Lovely pictures, Maria. Those pigeons sure are pushy!
Fascinating to see a church turned into a bar.

Sue (this n that) said...

Great to have a little look around. I loved those planter boxes - very pretty on the street. Friendly pigeons too!
Interesting turnaround for the former church - it looks inviting, huge and yet cosy. So nice for you both to have met up with your friend's Son, its a lovely photo. Thanks for your post Maria xx

Rosie said...

When we were in Dublin many years ago I am sure we went to a restaurant in the Customs House. I love the pictures of the Church restaurant, hope you had a nice time there. Thanks for sharing, it brought back great memories of our trip there.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

Thank you for sharing your photos. I've enjoyed your trip! Those pigeons certainly took a liking to your DH :)