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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Let's Get Stitched in Brisbane 2018; Part 2

On the Friday was the LGS bus trip to some of the local quilt shops. Like a lot of places in Australia, many of our beloved quilt shops have closed. In my area of Brisbane on the north side, this has indeed been the case. 
Our first stop was on the south side of town at Nikki Tervo's Brandy Gully Patchwork. Since the previous LGS Brisbane bus tour , Nikki has expanded her little shop to include a large class area.

Pretty soon there was a queue for the checkout...

My modest purchases...after all, I don't really need anything! Lol

And the generous Nikki included a free stitchery project in every bag at the checkout.

Our next stop was at Cleveland; at the always impressive Bayside Stitchcraft.

This is a big store!

Shez had fun with the stairlift...

Both counters soon had queues.

There was a lot of temptation at this store, but my purchase was even more modest than at the first store of the day...just some buttons for Holly's birthday bunting that I really should start working on soon.

Then it was time to move on to our lunch stop...Southbank. I lunched at a Greek restaurant with a small group of my fellow bustrippers...

The food didn't disappoint! Yum!!

After our delicious lunch we walked around that part of Southbank...the girls from out of town were interested in a shop called 'Dougnut Time'.

Two of the girls bought a doughnut each...but not yours truly 😬. The doughnuts are huge but then again if they are charging an average $6.95 each, one might expect them to be on the large side.

Posing for a photo before we headed back to where we were to meet the bus.

One more shop on our tour, but I will write about it in the next post.


Nanna Chel said...

Maria we have about three patchwork shops here. One is just up the road from me but I never darken its doors in case I get tempted to buy more things I don't need :-) I remember the buttons Nikki Tervo used to have at the Brisbane craft show many years ago when I used to go to the shows. She had a stand at our recent Craft Alive show and she has certainly branched out since then. Looked like a great day out you had.

Jackie said...

I think I am suffering from button envy!!! Those buttons are just too cute. Perfect for a birthday bunting.

God bless.