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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Wool on Sunday...

For a number of years I've been 'pinning things' on my Pinterest boards. probably about 3 years ago I pinned a pattern from the Deramores website with the idea that I could purchase the pattern if and when I needed it. It was the sweetest baby blanket.
Then last year with the arrival of little Anthea, I thought that it was time to purchase the pattern.

I went to the website and found that the pattern was out of stock. So I wrote to Deramores asking when it would be available. The answer came back that I should check the website in a week's time and if the pattern was still out of stock that would mean that they would no longer be stocking it. I found after the week was up that it was still out of stock. I thought that I could probably make the blankie from the picture but decided to use another pattern to make Anthea's blanket. ( which her mum loved!)

When someone pins something from one of my Pinterest boards, of course I get an email. I usually don't bother to check out what they have pinned but the other day I did. And it was the Deramores' baby blanket. I thought how disappointed people must be if they follow the link and find the pattern isn't available...and then I followed the link. And what a surprise...'out of stock' was NOT written anywhere on the pattern listing.
So I bought a's not digital and is being posted from the UK.
So here is this pattern that I fell in love with 3 or so years ago.

In other yarn related 'stuff', I have 2 WiPs at the moment...both gifts, and occasionally I have been joining donated squares into blankets for K4BN.

Linking up this post with Rainbow Hare's Wool on Sunday. Janine has finished some beautiful projects in this last month!



Sue (this n that) said...

Hello Maria, I certainly can see why you admired that gorgeous baby blanket, such a cute design!
Your wips are beautiful and I continue to admire all the work you do for K4BN ... the cooler weather is just around the corner.
Cheers now :D)

Vireya said...

That bunny blanket is incredibly cute! I look forward to seeing your version once the pattern arrives.

angela said...

How cute is that blanket.
So glad you finally were able to purchase it xx

Jackie said...

Such a cute baby blanket. I don't blame you for being disappointed, but how wonderful that it is back in stock.

God bless.

margaret said...

good to see the pattern is back in print, have not been on pinterest for ages must check it out.

Una said...

That bunny blanket is really pretty. I expect your enquiry reminded them about it and they brought it back especially for you.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

That really is an adorable blanket although I'm not impressed by their customer service! And your crochet WIPs are looking wonderful. You've got some fab yarns in there. Almost like Christmas tinsel :)

Sharmayne said...

That's such a sweet blanket!